Let’s see what an organizer / folder for documents is and who needs it?

Document organizer/folder is a hard PVC cover folder with thick files inside. The cover thickness of our folders is 280 microns, which is about 14 times denser than ordinary files (multifores), and the files for documents that are located inside have a density 6 times that of multifora (120 microns). Our covers are not cardboard, but they will reliably keep your documents from moisture, dirt and external factors.

Our folders are designed for a family of 4-8 people. Inside the files are 4 sets of the most important documents (5 files of different sizes, 4 pieces each, a total of 20 files), but when mirrored, 8 sets of documents will be included in the same folder. The family has grown, but the folder has remained the same — saving space, money and time.

What documents are included in the folder?

✅Front and back pockets for passports, photos, certificates (20 cm)

✅CMI policy of a new sample / cards — 4 pcs (6.5 * 9 cm)

✅Old-type CHI policy / new-style SNILS — 4 pcs (A5 -16*21.5 cm)

✅Marriage / birth certificate issued before 2019 — 4 pcs (H5 — 18.5 * 25.5 cm)

✅SNILS — 4 pcs (9 * 12.5 cm)

✅Marriage / birth certificate issued after 2019 — 4 pcs (A4 -22*30 cm)

It is convenient to take such a folder with you on trips, to the clinic, to the MFC, on vacation, and it’s just nice to store documents. With such storage, the husband will also know where the documents are and it will be enough for him to simply say «dear, take the folder with the documents», and not explain for half an hour where and what lies.


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