This is chocolate made using Bean-to-bar technology, which literally translates as “from cocoa beans to bar” — this is the production of full-cycle chocolate, from the choice of raw materials (cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sweetener) by the manufacturer to the packaging of the final product.

Artisan means craft?

We found in the description the epithet craft (handmade, author’s, etc.) — beware: most often, such a product is understood as chocolate, which confectioners make by remelting ready-made industrial raw materials. That is, from the long production process, there is only the last stage — molding, casting the finished chocolate into molds and decorating with additives.

What is finished raw material? Most often, a semi-finished product, chocolate icing, which is easy for a confectioner to work with and at the same time is made from industrial, industrial varieties of cocoa beans (see below for industrial beans). The composition of such raw materials includes emulsifiers, flavors, and refined white sugar, and the taste is standard for all craftsmen who use it.

Is Belgian chocolate the best?

Another common misconception in Russia. One of the world’s largest industrial giants in the manufacture of chocolate and chocolate products supplies Russia with thousands of tons of industrial chocolate coating, which is used by confectioners (see above).

Meanwhile, the requirements and standards for chocolate in Western Europe (including Belgium), the United States are fundamentally different from Russian ones. Until 2012, Russia had quite a decent GOST for chocolate, which did not allow the use of palm oil and required a higher content of natural raw materials, cocoa products (cocoa beans and cocoa butter). However, now in most chocolate products you will find any substitutes and ingredients (up to ethyl alcohol), but not chocolate (not cocoa products). Therefore, yes, Belgian chocolate in Belgium and in Russia is fundamentally different products, radically different in composition.

How to distinguish real artisan chocolate?

First of all, in terms of composition, the quality of raw materials, the absence / presence of non-natural ingredients, the content of cocoa products.

The production of artisan chocolate begins with a careful selection of premium raw materials (cocoa beans, cocoa butter).

Future chocolate «grows» on trees in hot and humid regions of the Earth (belt along the equator): Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.
However, the birthplace of premium varieties of cocoa beans is South America, the ancient civilizations of pre-Columbian America — the Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayans. There they collect highly aromatic varieties of cocoa beans with a rich flavoring terroir (bouquet). The world has adopted a classification into 3 types of cocoa beans: Criollo, Trinitario, Forastero.

More than 85% of all cocoa beans grown in the world are grown in Africa and are of the Forastero type. These are industrial industrial varieties — bitter, with low aromatics and a flat bouquet. These are modern hybrids that are resistant to diseases, giving the maximum amount of grown raw materials, often grown using pesticides.

Such cocoa beans are grown for their own needs on their own plantations by large manufacturers, international corporations. Alas, often there are no cocoa beans in industrial chocolate — it is replaced by a mysterious «mass of cocoa», in which the main ingredient can be cocoa husk — cocoa well, so the cost of the finished product for the most part consists of the costs of logistics and promotion of the product, but not from the cost of raw materials.

Master chocolatiers who produce their own bean-to-bar artisan chocolates select the type and variety of cocoa beans very carefully, favoring highly aromatic varieties with a rich terroir and aftertaste.

«Craft chocolate from Bashkiria» is a real craft chocolate with an absolutely natural composition, made from noble cocoa beans:

· Bitter chocolate 80% cocoa — composed of cocoa beans of organic origin, unrefined cane sugar. All!

· Milk chocolate 40% and 47% (saturated with basil) — cocoa butter made from premium cocoa beans, whole milk powder, unrefined cane sugar. All!

Colored white chocolate 40% — cocoa butter made from premium cocoa beans, whole milk powder, unrefined cane sugar, and natural fruits, berries, spices and herbs as dyes. All!

«Craft chocolate from Bashkiria» does not contain flavors, artificial colors, emulsifiers (included in 95% of chocolate products), vegetable and trans fats, refined white sugar.

The conching of the ingredients (grinding) takes about two days, which gives the chocolate a silky, velvety texture, a contrast of tasty and healthy ingredients, and a unique aftertaste. Premium chocolate that is a pleasure to give!

The BEAN-TO-BAR Revolution

At the moment, the so-called bean-to-bar revolution has already taken place in the US, where over 400 small companies already produce chocolate. There are already more than 40 of them in England, there are such manufacturers in France, Germany, Spain, in Northern and even Eastern Europe, and more recently in Russia.

The community of artisans drives the improvement of the ecological and social environment in the places where cocoa beans grow, including trying to pay farmers a much fairer price directly, without intermediaries. Income from the cultivation of cocoa beans goes to the farmers themselves, their extended families and even entire settlements (villages, eg) that own the plantations. In the poor countries of South America, this is the only source of income for farmers, and therefore it is so important.

Such farms do not use child labor, which, alas, is not uncommon for Africa, from which more than 85% of the world’s cocoa beans are supplied to industrial factories and industrial production.

Therefore, environmental friendliness (in relation to nature, farmers who grow raw materials, recipes and composition, promotion and marketing) is the main principle and value of the work of bintubers, chocolatiers who produce real chocolate. «Craft Chocolate from Bashkiria» is one of the brightest representatives of the growing market for the production of real chocolate in Russia.

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