Nowadays, makeup brushes are now used not only for home use, but now they are in constant professional use with makeup artists. Every day for a woman, sometimes a wedding, sometimes an anniversary, sometimes a birthday, sometimes a photo session, sometimes a corporate party, and now many people rush to the aid of makeup artists who will do everything for them. And for a makeup artist, the most important thing is the right choice of a set of makeup brushes, as they are an important tool in the image of a girl.

And in order to make the right choice, let’s see what are the advantages of artificial and natural makeup brushes?

Nowadays, many world brands are switching to synthetic brushes. Now synthetic pile looks very natural, expensive, not inferior to natural pile, soft and pleasant to the touch. Makeup brushes made of artificial bristles are suitable not only for liquid structures, but also for powder, blush, concealer.

These brushes have advantages: they are hypoallergenic, retain their shape longer, the pile does not come out, do not deform, bacteria do not multiply in them.

But in natural makeup brushes, pile climbs in everyone, you need to be prepared for this.

Squirrel pile brushes are the softest, most pleasant on the skin, blend well. Produced from blue squirrel and Siberian. Suitable for powder, blush, contouring.

Goat hair brushes are harder hair, can slightly prick, sometimes an unpleasant smell from the hair, but softly and well blend cream structures (shadows, eyeliners).

Sable hair brushes — more often found in brushes for lips and for shadows, hard pile.

The choice of brushes by design is very large, and the price category is different. Everyone selects according to their price category, under the variety of makeup brush sets. As they say, beauty requires sacrifice! Everything depends on you! Rejoice yourself!

My set of makeup brushes made of synthetic bristles, very practical, thin handle, stylish design. The composition includes all the brushes for a complete look, both for cream structures and for dry ones.

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