Ferritin is a protein that stores iron in tissues. It is the level of ferritin that reflects the iron reserves in the body and signals anemia.
Nutritionist Yulia Povoroznyuk will tell you about how often you need to take a blood test for ferritin and why anemia is dangerous in the April issue No. 4 of the Normal Pressure magazine.

What is the norm?

In different laboratories, there is a very large corridor of reference values ​​- from 10 to 300. In my opinion, it is optimal to keep the middle. The minimum level of ferritin should be equal to your weight, and preferably 90-150 ng / ml in women, up to 200 ng / ml in men.
low ferritin may be manifested by the following symptoms: weakness, lethargy, dizziness when lifting from a horizontal to a vertical position, pale skin, low exercise tolerance, panic attacks.
high ferritin (more than 250-300) — a marker of inflammation, especially in the intestines. There is an inexplicable weakness, an increase in the size of the liver, an increase in the level of ALT, AST in the blood, pain in the joints.

Arterial hypertension is considered one of the most difficult medical diagnoses: the fame of the “silent and mysterious killer” is firmly entrenched in it. After all, the disease does not have symptoms that would be characteristic only for him.

Some people change the treatment regimen several times and are happy if there is one that helps. Meanwhile, high blood pressure leads to serious and sometimes irreversible disturbances in the work of the heart, vascular accidents. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cure hypertension, to get rid of it forever.

To take control, pacify and thereby improve the quality of life and prolong it is within the power of everyone. The main thing is to identify the disease in time and start treatment. How and when to do this, the consultants of the magazine «The pressure is normal 120/80» will tell you


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