Brow Paste was first developed by Mila Klimenko to build the perfect shape for brows.

Many companies have already begun to use this name, a unique product has become popular on the market in the industry for a long time!

A must have on every master’s table! Brow Paste is a professional cosmetic product for building the shape of the eyebrows in the coloring procedure. Brow Paste Nikk Mole is the only original patented paste on the world market and the CIS countries.

Due to the correct balance of natural oils in the composition, the branded paste has a plastic texture that is incredibly comfortable to use. It is easy to apply, does not flow, perfectly holds the contour, does not let the pigment to the skin. Gram consumption in 30 gr. – for 700 applications.

100% natural hypoallergenic composition! The ingredients contain the best oils for the care of the eyebrow area. During the procedure, your client receives pleasant sensations, and as a result, moisturized, nourished skin.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this product so good at work!

With the help of paste, the master will easily model clear contours for filling with dye or henna.
Allows you to adjust the clarity of the lines during the staining process.
Shows the client the future shape of the eyebrows. When demonstrating lines, you can easily correct the shape and bring it to the desired result.
It has maximum cost savings. 30 grams of product are calculated up to 700 applications! Thanks to its excellent texture, a grain of the product is enough to create the perfect contour!
Removes quickly and easily from the skin. In addition to its above benefits, the paste contains oils that moisturize and nourish the skin, the client will not feel dryness or irritation during the procedure and after!
Wishing to develop the industry for the better, we develop excellence for you! Use only a quality product and let your customer always be satisfied.

Eyebrow care secrets from Nikk Mole❤


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