What is Chlorella and what is it for? Chlorella is a small, single-celled algae that is rapidly gaining popularity among nutritionists, athletes, vegetarians, and just people who care about their health. What is useful? Chlorella contains more than 650 different substances, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and compounds: 40 amino acids, phosphorus, folic acid, iron, sulfur, copper, magnesium, vitamins A, B and D, polyunsaturated acids.
Regular consumption of chlorella helps:

✅ Normalization of blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
✅Improve memory.
✅ Prolongation of the youth of the body.

✅Strengthening general immunity.
✅Increased tolerability of radio and chemotherapy.
✅ Improving well-being in chronic
✅Increasing the body’s daily resources.
✅Strengthening general immunity.
✅Removal of toxins and heavy metals.
✅ Normalization of metabolism and balance of body weight.
✅ Reducing the risk of developing caries.

✅ Prevention and treatment of acute alcohol and drug intoxication.
✅ Compensation for the effects of stress.

Noting the numerous beneficial properties of chlorella, it is simply impossible not to mention the methods of its production. Chlorella NEWBIX is produced in an ecologically clean area — the Zhiguli Reserve Zone, in closed bioreactors, which excludes any foreign substances from the environment from entering the breeding zone and allows obtaining living chlorella cells in the form of a suspension. Once in the body in liquid form, the algae is quickly absorbed and easily gives us all its beneficial substances.


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