What is colostrum or what exactly is fresh milk useful for?

Colostrum is the first milk (colostrum) of a cow — what she gives the first 24-36 hours after the birth of a calf. The colostrum contains a concentrate of everything necessary for the calf to rise to its feet immediately after birth and be ready to go along with the herd. The fact is that the cow’s placental barrier is much stricter than the human one. It does not allow maternal immunoglobulins and many other immune protective factors into the blood of the fetus. The cow does not give milk for 8 weeks before the birth of the calf. During this period — it is called dry — the cow prepares the colostrum — the first meal, or, in fact, the first immunization of the calf. Calves can’t survive without colostrum!

The main useful components of colostrum:

1. Immunoglobulins — protective proteins of passive immunity — they bind allergens; protect the body from harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites; contribute to the growth of beneficial microbes, our native microflora, which synthesizes a lot of everything necessary for the body and also protects the young body from allergies. Colostrum is a natural antibiotic, absolutely harmless and does not cause allergic reactions.
2. Lactoferrin and transferrin are important elements of the antimicrobial component of the immune defense. They bind metal ions, which are necessary for the metabolism of bacteria. Participate in the metabolism of iron in the human body. Their deficiency is very often the cause of iron deficiency anemia in mother and baby. And very often it is the lack of lactoferrin or transferrin that leads to the fact that iron supplements do not help in the treatment of anemia. I recommend adding colostrum to iron supplements.
3. Lysozyme, growth factors, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins.

Colostrum contributes to the formation of the correct microbiota, or, as they say, “microflora”. But this is not the same thing. Microbiota is a thin film of beneficial microbes, fungi and their metabolic products that covers and protects all of our mucous membranes (oral cavity, nasopharynx, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary systems, etc.). The microbiota performs many different beneficial functions, but the main one is the competitive suppression of the growth of harmful microorganisms that cause inflammation. Normally, a baby (or calf) is born sterile. Colostrum contributes to the settlement of mucous membranes with beneficial microbiota, since in the process of evolution only those survived whose colostrum killed everything harmful and contributed to the growth of everything useful. Colostrum is a high-precision, homing weapon against pathogenic, I emphasize, pathogenic, and not all, microbes and fungi. And against viruses! This is a very important point, because. antibiotics do not work on viruses. All really working antiviral drugs are very toxic and are used for children, pregnant and lactating women only in case of emergency — when the threat to life and health outweighs the risk of complications.

Of course, all these beneficial factors, although hundreds of times smaller, are also contained in fresh milk. That’s why it’s so useful! But modern food processing technologies, which allow it to be stored longer and transported further, denature — damage most of the components listed above. How many percent of all useful remains in pasteurized milk? What about dry?
Colostrum is the most useful of the most harmless and the most harmless of the most useful that Nature gives to man. Colostrum is a concentrate of fresh milk!

But where to get this fresh milk? Yes, and be sure that the child will not get sick from it (brucellosis, tuberculosis, etc.)?

Korovkina Protection is made from unpasteurized French colostrum. The vast majority of states in the US have passed laws requiring pasteurization of colostrum, because tuberculosis and brucellosis in cows is not only our problem. And pasteurization, as you know, leads to denaturation of proteins. Therefore, immunoglobulins and other active ingredients in pasteurized colostrum simply do not work!

In Europe — in France and Germany — there is a strictly controlled chain of collection and delivery of colostrum from each individual cow to the plant. And in New Zealand, for example, colostrum is collected from hundreds of cows in one container, and then sent for processing — this, of course, reduces the cost of production, but I would not save on children.

Korovin Protection lozenges contain polysaccharides that help fix immunoglobulins on the oral and nasopharyngeal mucosa. This allows you to extend the protective action.

Lozenges are made to:

— normalize the microflora in the oral cavity;
— improve the condition of the periodontium — the tissue that surrounds and nourishes the teeth;
— overcome all the rubbish in the mouth, which causes inflammation and halitosis;
— normalize the condition of the pharyngeal and palatine tonsils;
— to neutralize pathogenic viruses and bacteria in the inhaled air.

Now, to achieve all of the above goals, antibiotics and antiseptics are used. But they kill everything, including the beneficial microbes and fungi that make up our normal microbiota. Microbiota is a wall layer, a biofilm of microorganisms and products of their interaction with our cells. In fact, our microbiota is a single microbial-tissue matrix, which consists of unicellular organisms, but in the complex acts as a multicellular organ that delimits our body from the external environment. This is a very dense formation resistant to external damage. It’s not that easy to destroy it. But even harder to recover…

I believe that the exacerbation of all kinds of inflammation on the mucous membranes of our body is associated with damage to our own microbiota — instead of it, the pathogenic flora that has come from outside begins to multiply. And the body begins to fight it with the help of a standard pathological process — inflammation. Inflammation is a local pathological process designed to limit the spread of a pathological agent throughout the body. If local protection fails, then the enemy passes through the first barrier, and the body begins to react systemically — by raising the temperature and activating the immune system.

Regular intake of colostrum keeps our microbiota healthy. Colostrum immunoglobulins specifically kill only pathogenic microbes, viruses and fungi and contribute to the restoration of their own native microbiota. I repeat once again: the colostrum is a high-precision homing weapon against precisely the pathogenic flora.

The main indication is adenoids and tonsils — enlarged nasopharyngeal and palatine tonsils in children. The question of surgical or conservative treatment should be discussed with the doctor. But, be prepared — the decision will be entrusted to you — the doctor will only advise. The decision is not easy. It is clear that with adenoids II-III, when the nose does not breathe at all, or barely breathes in a calm state, there is hypoxia and developmental delay and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and there are also violations in the formation of the facial skeleton and bite, The obvious solution is surgery.

But with adenoids I-II, when the nose either breathes or does not breathe, and at school everything is “pah-pah-pah, so as not to jinx it”, it is much more difficult to decide on an operation … Still, any operation is a risk! Yes, and anesthesia of the mental abilities of the child will definitely not add. As a rule, the parents and the doctor decide to wait, treat … until the situation becomes completely unbearable …

In general, if you decide with the doctor to start with therapy, then I recommend adding Korovin Protection to the treatment.
Colostrum is not an immunomodulator in the classical sense. Colostrum immunoglobulins begin to work immediately and accurately against pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, without killing their native beneficial microbiota.

Therefore, the recommendations for admission are as follows:

— during colds — for prevention — 1 tablet per day — in the morning 30 minutes after eating;
— in case you had obvious contact with a sick person and there is a high probability of getting infected, I recommend 3-5 tablets per day for 2-3 days;
— in chronic diseases, when there is a pronounced violation of the microbiota, in addition to the main treatment, a longer course is required — 3-4 times a day for 3-4 weeks.

So, I recommend colostrum as a source of immunoglobulins and other protective factors in the following conditions:

1. ENT pathology: adenoids, chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis and otitis
2. Pharyngomycosis, aphthous stomatitis, herpetic stomatitis
3. Enterocolitis
4. Gingivitis, halitosis
5. Condition after dental operations and manipulations in the oral cavity — to prevent infectious complications, improve tissue regeneration and healing.

Sincerely, your doctor Shubin Alexander Ivanovich


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