In France, more than 100 years ago, physiologist Jacques Arsene D’arsonval made a discovery — high-frequency current has a positive effect on the body. His surname subsequently gave the name to the first Darsonval device and the medical procedure — darsonvalization. Today, the method of treatment with the device is known not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. It is successfully applied independently at home. We tell you why you can use the device, what its action is based on, what effect darsonval has on the skin, hair and body, and why it is worth having it at home.

What is DarsonvalA device that has a physiotherapeutic effect on the body with a current of low strength, but high frequency. The device is a small and compact device and special glass nozzles for various purposes and modifications, in which an inert gas circulates — a current conductor. The impact is carried out through the skin and mucous membranes, but apart from a tingling sensation, darsonvalization does not cause any pain.

How does Darsonval work?

The device has several modes — powers. Choose each of which is recommended depending on the application. The alternating current that the device generates, upon contact with the skin, leads tissues and blood vessels to tone, improving and accelerating blood and lymph flow. So, in the affected area, metabolism and tissue nutrition are improved.

In the process of using the device under the action of current discharges, ozone is formed in small quantities. In addition to rejuvenating and stimulating effects, ozone has bactericidal properties.

Physiotherapeutic procedures with current have a multifaceted effect on the human body. After their application, the pain syndrome is significantly reduced or completely disappears, metabolic processes are normalized, the inflammatory reaction is reduced, tissue trophism is improved, and regenerative processes are activated. With regular use in different parts of the body, the aging process slows down, the quality of the skin and hair improves noticeably, pain disappears, the body becomes more slender. The electric current therapy improves the effect of cosmetic products by multiplying their permeability.

That is why the Darsonval apparatus is more often used in home and salon cosmetology.

How to apply Darsonval?

In the kit, the darsonval device of the French brand Zhezanne has from 4 to 5 nozzles: a fungus, a drop, a petal, a comb, a T-shaped nozzle.

Nozzle fungus — designed to work with the face, neck and décolleté. It is acceptable to use in the area of ​​fat deposits and cellulite. The nozzle is universal and suitable for arms, legs, back.

Nozzle drop — has a small diameter, so it is ideal for acupressure in the treatment of herpes, inflammation, getting rid of acne.

Nozzle petal — like a fungus, designed for use on the face.

Comb nozzle — an electrode with a working area in the form of a comb. It is used to influence the scalp and the structure of the hair itself.

Before you start using the device at home, you should carefully read the attached instructions. During use, all precautions must be observed. Before starting the darsonvalization procedure, it is recommended to remove all metal objects from yourself — bracelets, rings, earrings, and during the procedure do not use mobile phones, electrical and metal appliances.

Before and after the procedure, disinfect the used electrodes with a cotton swab (disk) with any antibacterial agent. Electrodes should not be washed.

Indications for darsonval

— blackheads and acne;

— infectious skin pathologies;

— reduced tone, sagging skin and wrinkles;

— increased oiliness of the skin and the presence of large pores;

— lymphostasis and other congestion;

— dermatitis, lichen, eczema, uneven complexion;

— puffiness;

— alopecia and excessive hair loss;

— cellulite and fatty deposits;

— osteochondrosis and joint diseases

Darsonval for the face

The face is a popular area for darsonvalization. With the help of the device, you can carry out course treatment of acne and acne, eliminate fine wrinkles, inflammation, pustules and herpes, and restore skin tone.

Facial procedures using Darsonval should be carried out on thoroughly cleansed and prepared skin. In order for the electrodes to glide better, the skin must be completely dry. Often, for these purposes, the face is treated with a special mineral powder.

The duration of the session is not more than 10 minutes once a day along the massage lines, avoiding the lips area.

You can work with the device by contact, tightly pressing the electrode to the surface of the body. This method is considered the most gentle. The non-contact method, in which a space of up to 2 centimeters is left between the face and the electrode, will allow the discharge to “walk” in the space left. You may feel tingling. At the same time, the strength of the discharge depends on the distance — the smaller it is, the weaker the discharge is delivered. When compressed air comes into contact with oxygen, ozone is formed, which leads to the destruction of pathogens. The second method is most applicable in the treatment of boils, acne, pimples.

In the process of darsonvalization, due to the irritating effect of the current, blood flow is stimulated. Oxygen and nutrients enter the skin more actively, the processes of regeneration and restoration proceed faster. Physiotherapy for the face has a positive effect on the production of collagen, the normalization of water balance, and the reduction of edema.

Darsonval increases the permeability of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use masks, serums and creams at the end of the session for even greater effectiveness.

You can use the device regularly once a quarter. But even after the first course, positive results are noticeable.

The effectiveness of darsonvalization The effectiveness of physiotherapy and procedures using currents has been proven for a long time. In modern medical institutions and physiotherapy rooms, devices for the treatment of various diseases with the help of currents have long been installed.

In cosmetology, the currents operate on the same principle — they activate the metabolism, relieve congestion, improve the quality of the skin and hair. The current literally brings back to life and reanimates the processes that slow down in our body with age — the production of collagen, elastin, oxygen enrichment, nutrition. Due to the action of the current, the vessels, capillaries and muscles are reflexively brought into tone. Such a “training” allows you to maintain their elasticity, which will result in the normalization of blood flow, the supply of tissues with oxygen in sufficient quantities and the acceleration of metabolic processes.

Darsonval for hair

The use of Darsonval on the scalp and hair is one of the most popular methods of combating baldness and hair loss, including after childbirth and during seasonal body changes.

By stimulating the scalp with current, a positive effect on the bulbs is achieved. Their blood supply and nutrition improves. The answer to physiotherapy manipulations is active hair growth and strengthening of the roots.

Practicing darsonvalization for hair together with serums, vitamin cocktails and masks, you can achieve a visible effect, density and good hair quality in a short time.

Darsonval for the body

Darsonval is often used in anti-cellulite therapy. Accelerating the liquid and lymph, it contributes to its speedy removal, reducing the fat layer and the “orange peel”.

Cellulite reduction occurs gradually. It is important not to interrupt the course, which consists of 10-15 procedures. And it’s definitely not worth pinning hopes on only one device. This is a process that requires effort: gastronomic, sports and cosmetic.

Darsonval is also effective in the treatment of osteochondrosis, joint damage. First of all, it relieves pain well by reducing ischemia of nerve cells and reducing their excitability. Positive dynamics is noticeable in the complex treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Mainly due to how the currents affect the body.

Due to the impact of a high-frequency electrical discharge, nerve endings and skin receptors are irritated. The response to irritation is the vasomotor reaction of the body — the vessels expand, the venous tone increases, the processes of microcirculation, tissue trophism, and regeneration improve. What affects the joints and spine in the most favorable way.

Contraindications for darsonval

— Pregnancy of any term;
— Abundant hairline in the affected area;
— Severe or advanced rosacea;
— Cardiovascular insufficiency and arrhythmia;
— The presence of a pacemaker;
— Purulent wounds with weeping on the skin;
— The presence of neoplasms of any type;
— Infectious diseases of the skin;
— Pulmonary tuberculosis;
— Severe form of hypertension.
— Childhood
— Hypersensitivity and tendency to allergic reactions
— Individual intolerance
— Thrombophlebitis
— Epilepsy

Darsonval at home should be used, strictly following all the recommendations. Then the positive effect will not keep you waiting.


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