The most unusual way of drawing is drawing with light using a special tablet and a flashlight pen.
It looks like magic! Every child can become a magician and paint with light.

HOW to paint with light?

Everything is simple!

  • Take the Draw with Light tablet and a flashlight pen. Everything you need is in the kit.
  • Press the button — the flashlight on the handle will light up. Swipe the pen over the tablet — a luminous trail will remain.
  • You can draw anything, like felt-tip pens or pencils.
  • The darker the room, the brighter and longer the pattern will glow.

How it works?

Tablet — it is a plastic base with a photoluminescent film applied.
flashlight pen — special handle with LED on the end. Runs on batteries.

When the light from the flashlight of the pen hits the tablet, the film in this place starts to glow and a trace appears, like from a felt-tip pen. It was only created by light.
Photoluminescence is absolutely safe. The film does not contain harmful substances and phosphorus! Painting with light does not require electricity or charging.

Why do children like to draw with light?

Luminous drawings cause delight and surprise. For children, this is magic and they are addicted to creating their glowing paintings. Drawing with light captivates children from 2.5 to 8 years old, both girls and boys like it. And often even adults get stuck!

Ways to paint with light:

1. Draw as usual:

The closer the flashlight is to the tablet, the sharper the line. The farther away, the more scattered the light.
If you attach a flashlight to the surface of the tablet at an angle, you get interesting effects and shadows.

2. Outline stencils:

In most kits, a stencil with basic images is included.
Transparent parts let light through, dark parts do not. If you light it up and then remove the stencil, a pattern with sharp edges will remain.

From the images on the stencil, you can create your own compositions and plots.

3. Combine stencil and painting:

From the elements of the stencil, you can create your own plot. And supplement it with your own lines and objects.
You can draw according to our free video tutorials.

Set «Draw with light» is not only a game and creativity!

  1. Play with your child: draw fairy-tale characters or invent your own. For example, tell the tale «Turnip» by drawing its plot on the tablet.
  2. Teach your child through play. Drawing letters, numbers and objects in the dark with light will be more fun!
  3. Teach your child to play with the tablet, and he will be busy with CAM creativity for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Painting with light is a great joint activity for an adult and a child, for example, you can paint together before going to bed.

To make drawing with light even more interesting will help:

light brushes —

This is a set of 2 extra flashlight pens. They differ in the diameter of the light beam — one standard, 5 mm. The second is narrow, with a diameter of 2 mm. Allows you to draw finer details. Also useful in case the child loses the pen-flashlight.

Stencils —

There are more than 10 types of stencils in our assortment. There is a Russian and English alphabet, various animals, space, transport. You can purchase additional stencils of various themes for any set. The stencils are made of thick plastic and do not have sharp edges. With stencils you will draw beautiful pictures and you can study letters and objects.

Sets «DRAW WITH LIGHT» — a cool gift with a WOW effect!


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