Drip coffee is a new innovative format for brewing natural coffee. Drip — translated from English as «drip», so sometimes this format is called — drip coffee. This technology does not require special equipment, a coffee machine or a French press, or special skills — you just need to fix the filter bag on a high cup and slowly pour the ultra-fine coffee with a thin stream of hot water (95 C) Wait a little until the water completely passes into the cup and remove the filter bag. It turns out a rich aromatic drink without coffee grounds. In fact, this is a coffee filter made right in the cup.

Drip packs were invented in Japan in the early 1990s. By the way, MONDO drip packs are produced on Japanese equipment. The wide popularity of drip packs began about five years ago, after their appearance in the United States.

During the packaging process, air is pumped out of the sachet (packing bag) and nitrogen is pumped in to extend the shelf life. Under such conditions, coffee will retain its freshness and all useful properties for at least one year.

In order to prepare a portion of coffee you need a tall cup. Open the package, tear off along the dotted line. Feel the aroma of fresh coffee. Place the drip pack on the cup as shown in the picture and in the instructions. Pour the bag almost to the brim in a thin stream. Wait until all the water has gone through the coffee. This operation can be repeated 3 times. Get 150 ml of natural freshly brewed coffee.

MONDO launches five different flavors in drip coffee format. In order to immediately try all five, you can purchase a box of MIX.

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee without worries and special equipment!


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