We need physical activity to feel good, stay alert, agile, productive, and look good. The face is also a part of our body, and the most noticeable. And if for the body there have long been fitness clubs, swimming pools and running applications, then training for the face is a relatively new phenomenon.

How does face fitness work, can it replace cosmetics, “beauty injections” or more radical rejuvenation products? Why is the usual facial expression not enough for the physical activity of the face? We give the floor to a specialist — Olga Kabuzan is a face fitness trainer, and in the first article from the series she will talk about the methodology in general terms.

Olga Kabuzan

— Founder of OKFACEFIT Academy of Natural Beauty

— Face fitness trainer (certificate of the Beauty Academy of Yulia Saifulina)

– Specialist in manual face modeling (certificate of the Training Center for Manual Face Modeling by Larisa Vitvinova)

— Winner of the Runet Award 2019 «Opinion Leader» in the nomination from TikTok

— Speaker of the Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin’s project “Moscow Longevity”

– Experience in the cosmetic field – more than 7 years, experience as a face fitness trainer – two years, number of clients – 1631.

How often do we go to the mirror and get upset because of a new wrinkle, a swollen oval of the face, or uneven skin color? Every day, dozens of girls aged 12 to 80 write to me, who are worried about something in their face. They don’t know what to do and ask me for advice. But three years ago I was in their place: more and more wrinkles appeared, ptosis (drooping of the cheeks and lower third of the face), asymmetry began to appear; the skin was in a terrible state, and from the blue circles under the eyes I just wanted to sob. Just like millions of girls, I was in search of that very “magic pill” that would help me keep my youth and stop aging.

After a long search, a bright headline caught my attention: “Face Fitness — exercises for a youthful face.” Recently, the words «face fitness», «face building» are found more and more often. Even now, when you are reading this article. Funny, right?

The words «face fitness» and «face building» in translation from English mean essentially the same thing — «gymnastics for the face.»

The history of face fitness is very romantic: in 1930, the German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz came up with the first set of facial exercises as a gift for a ballerina, his beloved. Further, the technique developed and found followers in different countries of the world. But if we turn to the ancient Slavic, Eastern and other beauty practices, we will find that natural rejuvenation has a much longer and richer history than we could imagine.

The question arises: how to train the face? Is it possible to download it somehow? And why at all? After all, every day we smile, frown, squint, in other words, we use the muscles of our face to the fullest. Let’s go in order.

A bit of anatomy

In the picture above, we see that there are really a lot of muscles in the face and neck area, in fact — there are more than a hundred of them! And this is far from all that we have under the skin: there are various groups of muscles and fat packages that occur at different levels, ligaments, attachments, blood and lymphatic vessels, bones of the facial skeleton.

You can talk about all this for a long time and fascinatingly, but the main thing is that all of the above tissues are very closely interconnected, and how a complex but precise mechanism continuously influences each other. For example, the masticatory muscle alone affects five neighboring ones, it can compress the lymph flow in the lower third of the face and provoke both wrinkles and the formation of sagging (flaws, second chin) in this area.

This is true: we use all the muscles of the face and neck every day, but we all do it in our own way. Look at the faces of your acquaintances — how different they are, how they express emotions when they communicate with you. You will notice:

— someone has a habit of constantly bringing their eyebrows together (hello interbrow) or raising them very high (hello, wrinkles on the forehead);

— smile, squinting your eyes (hello, crow’s feet) or lowering the corners of your lips down (hello, puppet wrinkles), and so on.

The muscles that we strain most often give over time the very wrinkles that then upset us so much in the mirror. Other muscles, which we rarely use due to the peculiarities of our facial expressions, on the contrary, relax and stretch, as a result of which we see drooping eyelids, cheeks that have slid down, and a second chin.

How can face fitness help in this situation?

Face fitness has reached us already in the form of a professional technique, consisting of exercises for all areas of the face and neck, aimed at forming the correct muscle tone and relaxing them.

The movements that we make during facial gymnastics are fundamentally different from those that occur on our face with ordinary facial expressions. And this is one of the secrets of natural rejuvenation and transformation!

Upper eyelid exercise

For each person, a set of exercises and their frequency must be selected individually. The following parameters are taken into account:

— age;

— type of facial aging;

— the level of development of subcutaneous fat.

Exercise «Pig»

What effect does face fitness give:

— smoothes wrinkles;

— tightens the oval of the face;

— improves the quality and texture of the skin;

— reduces inflammation and prevents the appearance of black spots;

— makes the face more symmetrical and harmonious;

— improves the shape of the cheekbones, nose and lips.

And all this without injections and expensive operations!

“What, it was possible?” — you ask. Of course yes! Correctly influencing the natural processes in the face, namely: setting the right tone for weakened muscles, relaxing overstressed ones, working with places of stagnation of blood circulation and lymph, we work with the main causes of age-related changes on our face (edema, wrinkles, ptosis). Isn’t it great?

Exercise «Hares»

How long does it take for one face fitness workout?

Just 15-20 minutes a day, not an hour, not two or three, as many might think.

How long will it take for changes on the face as a result of training to become noticeable?

The answer depends on the initial data, but on average from one to four months of regular classes.

forehead relaxation exercise

Our beauty and youth are also influenced by other factors, so I recommend considering all of them.

What to do?

— Regularly do an individual set of exercises for the face and neck.

— Once a week, do a facial massage that suits your type of aging. This will additionally relax overstrained muscles, as well as effectively cope with edema and ptosis. For different types of massages, you can use various oils, as well as gadgets, for example, scrapers and Gua Sha rollers (you can use vacuum cans, a mesoscooter and other gadgets).

— Watch your posture, since the spine is very closely connected with everything that happens on our face.

— Eat well and regularly, monitor your water balance (superfoods will help you with this: flax seeds, chia, chlorella and green buckwheat), always have a bottle of clean water with you.

— Follow the sleep schedule, choose the right pillow.

— Do a sport that is right for you: it can be fitness, yoga, Pilates, jogging, walking, dancing, or whatever.

— Choose skin care products with natural ingredients. I recommend brands Mi&Ko«Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics«, Lemongrass House«Workshop of Olesya Mustaeva«, Zeitun.

Here is a short plan of action.

So that you understand and do not miss anything, I have prepared for you:

a memo with exercises for the main areas of the face;

beauty and youth calendar.

Remember: beauty and health are in our hands!


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