Since childhood, we have been accustomed to hearing that fly agaric is an inedible mushroom. But times are changing, progress does not stand still, and now this bright handsome forest man has been studied in detail. In fact, it has a number of medicinal properties, and its danger and uselessness is now nothing more than a myth.

The sedative and analgesic properties of fly agaric have been known since ancient times. And even then these mushrooms were actively used in medicine.

Now fly agarics and their effect on humans have been studied in detail and an absolutely safe microdosage has been calculated, which has a positive effect on health. Such preparations are biologically active additives. Let’s see how a beautiful red mushroom can help us.

Positive effects of fly agaric microdosing.

1. Pain relief

Fly agaric is an excellent natural analgesic. It can be used for migraines, headache, menstrual pain, toothache. The effect comes quickly and lasts a long time.

2. Reducing anxiety and stress

Now this is more relevant than ever. Over the past month, there has been a rapid increase in purchases of sedatives in all pharmacies. And because of the sanctions, many antidepressants stopped being supplied to Russia. Fly agaric is an excellent analogue, which, moreover, does not require a prescription.

Already after a week of taking fly agaric microdosing, mood steadily improves, obsessive thoughts and panic attacks disappear.

3. Improved sleep quality

Fly agaric helps to normalize the sleep process, make it more productive for the body. You will wake up easily and with pleasure and feel full and rested. In addition, many who took microdosing noted that dreams became more vivid and memorable.

4. Toning effect

Those who microdosed fly agaric admit that they have stopped drinking coffee, because they feel cheerful throughout the day. And this is true, dried fly agaric has a mild but effective effect on the nervous system.

5. Good for men’s health

Fly agaric normalizes libido. You will be easier to endure stress and anxiety, which means that your potency will be normal. You will feel even more confident and happier.

6. Detox

As we know from school, mushrooms have the ability to absorb harmful and dangerous elements from the soil in which they grow. These same properties are preserved when ingested. Dried mushrooms are a magnet for toxins.

7. Help with addictions

The principle of vaccination against a viral disease works here. When a small portion of poison enters the body, it ceases to need a large one. The drug really helped many get rid of alcohol and nicotine addiction.

8. Strengthening immunity

Fly agaric is, first of all, a gift of nature. It is rich in vitamins and beneficial acids that stimulate the production of the body’s own immunity. Therefore, microdosing of this mushroom can be safely included in your vitamin complex.

How to choose a quality microdosing.

  • The type of mushroom, red or panther fly agaric, is not important. The main thing is that only hats are used for dietary supplements.
  • Fly agaric must be collected in an ecologically clean area, because, as we have already found out, it absorbs everything like a sponge.
  • Clinical trials should be carried out. This is very important, because with an incorrectly calculated dosage, unpleasant consequences can occur.

Keemala brand microdosing is of good quality. The drug is developed, created and tested in the laboratory under the supervision of specialists. The standout feature is the packaging. The jar is protected from sunlight, and the lid has a special mechanism so that children cannot open it.

Take care of your health and enjoy life.


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