Funny Kids from Wellmed is a baby powder with an innovative dispenser that many mothers have already fallen in love with! Funny Kids baby powder gently absorbs excess moisture, soothes baby’s skin, guaranteeing moderate dryness, freshness and smoothness of baby’s skin.

Funny Kids powder contains 100% talc, which is processed by the Indian company IMIFABI. Highly purified talc is delivered to St. Petersburg, where the Meligen plant packs talc in eco-friendly bottles. The Funny Kids powder spray bottle is designed for multiple use: you can fill it with our highly purified talcum powder, presented in a sachet.

We care about the health of your baby, and guarantee the high quality of the product. Talc passes external and internal control for the microbiology of raw materials in accordance with TR TS.

We have developed an innovative dispenser that guarantees precise powder spraying. Thanks to a convenient dispenser, the economical consumption of talc will serve you for about a year.

Thanks to its pure, hypoallergenic and single-component composition, our powder is suitable for even the smallest, newborn babies. Choose a quality product for your baby!


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