Gymnastics for the development of speech or LOGO-gymnastics are special exercises that help develop the muscles of the speech apparatus.

Exercises are easy to reproduce, turn classes into a game activity. The child will enthusiastically perform actions if you connect music, nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes to the articulation training process.


Classes can be introduced starting from the age of 2, when the child has a need for communication, enrichment of vocabulary.


Do better at home.


It will be easier and more interesting to complete tasks if you use a small mirror. The child looks into it, follows the movement of the tongue, lips, jaws, cheeks. You should speak and show tasks slowly, a little longer than in ordinary life. It is necessary to demonstrate each task 2-3 times, then give the baby the opportunity to try to complete the exercise on his own.


Exercises for the development of articulation help: — increase blood circulation in the organs involved in the conversation — train the clarity of pronunciation of sounds — develop the flexibility of the tongue, lips, cheeks, jaws — prepare the articulation apparatus for the pronunciation of individual, complex sounds.

To make the lessons more interesting, we recommend that they be carried out in the form of a game. Use speech therapy toys, load them with new exercises and tasks.


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