Although there is a lot of information regarding how to learn to read tarot cards, it can be reduced to a few points. Study, record and bring all the information to the system.

As for the fortune-telling process itself, it is carried out according to the following scheme:

1. Setting. First of all, you need to put the workspace in order, remove all unnecessary, fill it with attributes. Then “attune” with the cards, discuss the topic of the layout with the client and inform about how the session will go.

2. Execution of the alignment. Before divination, you need to pronounce a request or intention in a clear voice, and then concentrate on this issue and mix the cards thoroughly. After that, in accordance with the accepted scheme, pull out the arcana from the deck. Lay them face down on the table.

3. Decryption. Each tarot reader has his own way of interpreting the cards that have fallen out. However, it is more common to turn them over one by one, naming each for the client and informing about the meaning. To make the message complete, analyze the layout based on the combinations of the arcana.

4. Completion. When you’re done, thank the cards for their work and clean up the deck. Just remember that the Tarot is an excellent magical tool, but they should not be worshipped.

Few people resist the desire to learn about the events of the future. In this age of accessible information, it seems to many that it is quite easy to buy any deck and find out on the Internet how to learn to read Tarot cards. However, everything is not so simple. In addition to good memory and logic, you need to have a developed intuition. More than one year will pass before a person understands the meaning of symbols and their combinations, and learns to hear what the cards say.

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