Good day, few people will doubt that the chair is an important part not only of the kitchen, living room or dining area, but of the whole house/apartment. Your mood and the thickness of the wallet after purchasing them will directly depend on the quality of the chair and the materials used in its manufacture). But is the high price always proportional to the quality?

Today, when prices are inflated to the limit, it is important to know what to look for when choosing a chair, as well as what questions to ask the seller, so as not to make a mistake in choosing and not overpay.

We will not dwell on the types of chairs — their variety is great, as well as their classification, there are always three main types of chairs:

— for the office,

— for the home (kitchen/living room/dining area),

— for bars/cafes/restaurants.

Speaking about their classification, they are divided into subspecies — depending on the material of the upholstery, the type of frame, shape, and their purpose.

Regardless of the type and material, the following rules for choosing a chair should be followed:

1- First you need to know the width of the seat and the height of the chair from the floor to the top of the seat. Compliance with this rule will allow you to make sure that you will be comfortable sitting at the table (the knees will not rest against it, and the chair can easily slide under the table). The standard height of tables is 72-78 cm, so a chair with a height of 80-90 cm is suitable, where the seat will be located at a height of 43-45 cm.

2- Next, you need to decide on the upholstery material, as they say, here for your color and taste, the most common is velor and microvelor, while microvelor is a more modern material and has a number of significant advantages over velor, namely: strength, wear resistance, economy. At the production stage, microvelours are treated with a special solution that prevents the penetration of moisture and dust into the product, and thanks to more modern weaving, microvelours are not afraid of animal claws. It is also a plus that the microvelor does not fade in the sun, which means it will last longer.

That is why micro-velour is used as the upholstery material for StulOff products.

3- Decide on the material of the frame, which can be metal, wood, made of bent pressed plywood, or a combination of them. It is worth noting that a metal frame and a wooden one will be much heavier, unlike a plywood frame, the strength of which is not inferior to the first two. In addition, pressed bent plywood does not dry out and does not creak.

4- Look at the base of the chair — its legs, if they are metal, then you need to find out the thickness of the walls, if tubular metal legs are used — it is necessary to give preference — at least 1.2 mm, which will be interconnected by metal crossbars, and on which it will be based the seat itself — such a chair will be safer and will be able to withstand heavy loads than if the legs are wooden and will be screwed to the base of the lower part of the seat — singly — they will definitely not be enough for a long time.

We have considered only the main points that are worth paying attention to, I hope the information was useful.


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