1. Table/vanity table and chair stability.

The legs on our sets are placed as «at the corners» as possible, and our chairs also have a large deep seat, which gives our chairs an additional advantage in stability.

2. Lack of sharp corners.

Each piece of our furniture has beveled corners, the child will never get scratched anywhere.

3. High-quality, environmentally friendly and safe coating.

Our kits are coated with a child-safe primer and matte eco enamel in 3 layers.
Dressing tables are covered with high-quality matt varnish.

4. Ease of assembly.

The kit can be assembled in 1 minute and also quickly disassembled.
The legs on the chair and table are screwed in without the help of tools, the backrest is simply inserted into the groove and fixed with self-tapping screws (self-tapping screws and pads on the legs are included)

5. Reasonable price.

We do not in any way position ourselves as the cheapest store, and we will not deceive you by offering a 70-90% discount for a fake advertising campaign.
We don’t price stock for stocks, so we don’t have stocks. The price is always the same.
Also, we do not pay crazy amounts for rent, as we have our own workshop. Our price is materials + work of our craftsmen.

Given the quality materials, it is impossible to set a lower price, and if you stumble upon kits priced at 4000 rubles or less, then you should think about the quality of the wood, the coating and the safety of the substances contained in these products (this is very important for the health of your child and yourself!)
Be careful!

6. All products are made by hand and with soul.

We love our work and approach it with all responsibility.


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