An individual rehabilitation or habilitation program for a disabled person is a set of rehabilitation measures that are optimal for a disabled person, including certain types, forms, volumes, terms and procedures for the implementation of medical, professional and other rehabilitation measures aimed at restoring, compensating for impaired body functions, forming, restoring, compensating the ability of a disabled person to perform certain activities. Federal institutions of medical and social expertise may, if necessary, involve in the development of individual programs for the rehabilitation or habilitation of disabled people organizations engaged in the rehabilitation and habilitation of disabled people. The procedure for the development and implementation of an individual program for the rehabilitation or habilitation of a disabled person and its form are determined by the federal executive body responsible for the development and implementation of state policy and legal regulation in the field of social protection of the population.

Where to begin?

How to get an IPRA:

1. Pass a medical and social examination

2. If the commission has confirmed the disability, the rehabilitation program comes into effect.

Get an IPRA

The IPRA is valid for the entire period for which the disability group is established (category «disabled child»). But if necessary, it can be adjusted or changed. To do this, you need to re-pass the medical and social examination.

How and where to get compensation for the purchase of TSR?

What do you need to take with you?

1. Documents confirming the expenses for the purchase of TSR at your own expense (wildberries electronic check)

2. A copy of the declaration or certificate of conformity to product quality

3. A package of documents on disability

4. Passport

5. For a trusted person — a passport of a trusted person and a power of attorney from SNILS



It is necessary to apply with all documents to the FSS branch at the place of residence and write an application “On reimbursement of expenses for the acquisition of TSR”. If the cost of TCP is equal to or less than in the state order, compensation = 100%.


In our store you can purchase all the necessary rehabilitation equipment and return their full cost under the IPRA program by contacting our technical support and receiving all the necessary documentation from us.


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