For a long time it was believed that costume jewelry is bright plastic trinkets of dubious quality, and jewelry is jewelry made of precious stones and metals, a beautiful and inaccessible luxury for many.

Therefore, the expression «jewelry jewelry» would seem to many to be the most mutually exclusive combination.

In today’s world, this is no longer surprising. Vice versa! This is a logical result of the desire of manufacturers to satisfy the tastes of any, even the most demanding customer.

Jewelry bijouterie was formed at the junction of jewelry and bijouterie, taking the best from them, and stood out as an independent direction.

Thus, bijouterie is luxury class bijouterie, affordable luxury.

Such products are made of hypoallergenic jewelry alloys and plated with precious metals — silver, gold or rhodium, while the creation process requires special care — this is a very delicate work, real jewelry art.

They can be worn every day and not be afraid that the metal will irritate sensitive skin. The appearance of such jewelry is quite diverse, the shades can be white, yellow, pink and reddish — everything is exactly the same as in jewelry.

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