Everyone has a loved one. Whether it’s a friend or girlfriend, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. It is something other than love for an inanimate object, season, food, or animal.
A beloved cat will not be offended if we stroke a street furry. Favorite dumplings will not leave home if we eat pea soup with appetite. With a man, such things will not work. By telling another person about love, we give him exclusive «rights» to ourselves. Maybe in this scenario, true love is equated with slavery?
Do not rush to conclusions and refuse declarations of love. Sometimes «I love» means «I want», that is, a banal desire to possess. It is transitory, that is, it has a statute of limitations. In this case, recognition can happen quite quickly, so you should be wary of believing such words.
If a person decides to confess, then he will have to stop comparing. So this is a verbal confirmation of the final choice. After all, then this is your soulmate, and you are no longer able to change it purely physically. This is how you treat your loved one!
To love means to be happy. To see happiness in small things, to be able to enjoy the joint, to experience and show feelings when they meet. Let the years succeed each other and mores become freer, but the words of love do not lose their importance. After all, betrayal of these words is a betrayal. Therefore, if you nevertheless made a choice, then believe without any suspicion.
Specialists have developed a theory, where there are only 3 mandatory components. Intimacy, where mutual support and closeness is the speed of rapprochement while overcoming difficulties. Passion — the tactile attraction of people, which stops with time or goes to another plane. And finally, obligations — a growing willingness to be faithful to the second half over time.
I can give a real example of true love: «A few years before the Second World War, there lived one wonderful married couple. They loved each other very much and on every occasion expressed these feelings to each other. But then the war began and the husband went to the front. All their war years feelings helped him to stay alive and after the victory he returned home to the village. A friend comes towards him and when the joy of communication subsided, he told about the grief of his wife. She became seriously ill and her face was disfigured from this illness. After bitter tears, he nevertheless, he came to the house and delighted his wife with his appearance. When they sat down at the table, she realized that her husband had lost his sight in the war as a result of a wound, but did not ask anything. They lived happily for another 15 years in perfect harmony. The disease took her and when he closed her eyes, he opened his own. The husband pretended to be blind so as not to increase her suffering. «That’s what it means to love! Make yourself blind so as not to hurt another.
You also need to learn to forgive. This gives the right to make a mistake and makes it possible to find an excuse for your chosen one.
Lines come to mind:
» Love is beautiful!
She is definitely in the world
But I’m in your eyes in vain
I’m trying to read something.
My great love for you
I’m afraid to call love.
I don’t exist for you
But I want to exist!
I don’t know how to measure love.
What will happen, rain or snow …
But I really want to believe
What a good person you are!»
Love does not remember evil! Love and be loved!

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