Marzipan was created several centuries ago, but is still not known to everyone. All due to the fact that in past centuries it was available only to noble people, and during the Second World War it completely disappeared from the shelves. Fortunately, traditional sweet recipes have been revived and today real marzipan is available to everyone. Indeed, despite the abundance of confectionery, this product remains a welcome delicacy on the table of even the most sophisticated gourmet.


Marzipan is a sweet made from almonds and sugar. Various fillers can be added to it — nuts, cocoa, dried fruits, chocolate, apricot or peach pits and other components

Selected almonds are ground into flour and combined with powdered sugar or sweet syrup, resulting in a plastic almond dough. In appearance, it does not differ from the usual one, but it does not require mandatory baking and can be eaten immediately. Those who see marzipan in a photo or video for the first time may confuse it with praline, but their cooking technology is different.

Despite the simplicity of the recipe, the taste of the dessert cannot be called ordinary. This is an exquisite dessert with a delicate almond aroma and a delicate aftertaste. In addition, each manufacturer has its own secret of producing treats, which consists in the proportions of the main ingredients and the presence of additional ones, which changes the taste of the marzipan itself.


Marzipan is a unique product. By itself, it is an amazing sweetness that is produced in the form of sweets, bars, tiles or figures. It can be classic, or covered with white, dark and milk chocolate. But that’s not all, almond delicacy is used:

as a cover for cakes;
stuffing for baking;
mass for modeling edible figurines;
material for making figurines.

The plastic consistency allows you to create from it all kinds of decorative elements for cakes, pastries, cupcakes. These can be figures in the form of animals, cartoon characters, flowers, buildings and various attributes.

In many countries, marzipan is used to prepare holiday treats. This is one of the symbols of European Christmas and a must-have product on the Easter and wedding table.

Marzipan is valued not only for its taste, but also for its incredible benefits for the body. Therefore, it is not surprising that it can be found in the diet of athletes, people who monitor their health and even lose weight.


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