Mate (Spanish Mate) is an invigorating tonic drink that gives energy and concentration, with a high content of caffeine in a bound form (it is called Matein, and it is more friendly to the central nervous system and cardiovascular system, unlike the usual free caffeine of tea and coffee ).

Mate is made from the dried, crushed leaves and young shoots of the Paraguayan holly (Ilex paraguariensis).

Mate is an integral part of Argentina’s culture. Yerba mate leaves most fully combine more than 200 trace elements, vitamins and minerals that the human body needs every day for a full and high-quality life!

Mate is drunk through a metal, and more often a silver tube “bombilla” from dishes called “calabash” or “calabash”, made from a hollow gourd (in the old days) or modern materials: ceramics, porcelain and wood. Bombilla serves not only as a drinking straw, but also as a filter. Immersed in calabash, it is closed at the end, but contains special holes that allow the drink to get inside without yerba, acting as a strainer.

In Europe, they learned about it in the 16th century. The European colonizers who arrived in South America were surprised that the natives, who had to starve for a long time, live in difficult conditions, looked healthy and strong.

As it turned out, it was mate tea that helped the Indians maintain health. A large amount of minerals and vitamins contained in the drink dulled the feeling of hunger, calmed the nervous system, gave strength and increased immunity. The natives did not know what scurvy was.

The Spaniards brought exotic tea to Europe. But because of the tart taste and unusual aroma, it did not deserve popularity in Europe at that time. Only special connoisseurs began to give preference to this exotic drink, and the Aesculapius began to prepare tinctures and balms from it to improve immunity and treat certain diseases.

Well, nowadays the drink is becoming more and more popular, and more than 200 million people around the world consume mate daily, instead of tea.
We can drink this miraculous and healthy drink without any problems — at least every day! Real Argentine mate, for example, our Reserva del Che brand is exported to Russia in sufficient quantities!


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