Membrane fabric is an innovative material with selective permeability. Possesses the increased protective properties. Helps keep you dry while still being breathable.

The structure and mechanism of action of the membrane

Membranes are usually divided into porous (containing pores) and non-porous (not containing pores).

Membrane with pores — sweat removal is built on the presence of tiny pore cells, too small for water to squeeze through, but large enough for steam to escape through them.

Membrane without pores — looks like a sponge that absorbs sweat vapor and turns them into a liquid, which is pushed out by the pressure difference.

In some materials, different membranes are combined, a layer without pores is laid on the outside, and with pores on the inside.

Our products use a HARD-TEX® membrane, we will get to know it.

Main characteristics of the membrane

The membrane does not perform insulating functions. It protects from rain, wind, snow, provides «breathing» to the body.

What should you pay attention to when choosing?


With a heavy downpour, any fabric will begin to leak, the water resistance indicator is responsible for protection from various precipitation. How is it calculated? On an area of ​​1 cm², a pressure is created that is equal to the pressure of the water column.

To be clear, clothing designed for extreme conditions must withstand from 20,000 mm, the water resistance of our ENDURO waders up to 25,000 mm

Vapor permeability

With it, you can understand how much water vapor the membrane can pass per day. The higher the indicator, the easier it is for the body to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

It is measured as follows: (g / m² / 24h). ENDURO waders have a steam conductivity index of 7000 g/m²/24h.

Fabric structure

Consider the structure of the fabrics that we use to create equipment.

Internal lining — protects against damage, clogging.

Protective layer — helps prevent negative effects on the membrane.

HARD-TEX membrane — a special wear-resistant four-layer fabric is used, which has the following characteristics:

— High water resistance 20,000mm — Breathability 7000g/m2/24h

Additional protective layer.

Wear-resistant outer material — protects the membrane from both mechanical damage and clogging.

+ water-repellent impregnation DWR or TEFLON. Apply on top. The coating can be washed off over time, but is easily restored with special means.


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