Microfiber is a very common material today. Towels, napkins and much more are made from it. But what does microfiber consist of and what is its peculiarity?

Microfiber fiber consists of:

– Natural cotton;

– Artificial threads;

– Viscose;

– Various polymers in the form of polyester and polyamide.

Thanks to the microfiber surface, moisture, dust and microorganisms are securely retained inside the fibers. Also, microfiber has high strength, has high thermal insulation properties, is resistant to molting and dries quickly.

How to maintain the quality of microfiber towel?

To prolong the life of a microfiber towel, it can and SHOULD be washed to rinse out the dirt from the space between the fibers. After washing, it does not lose its properties, retains a bright color and perfectly keeps its shape. Therefore, you can not be afraid and feel free to throw a towel in the washing machine.


The towel must not be ironed and dried on a hot battery.

Can a microfiber towel be used as a gift?

Of course yes! After all, a microfiber towel is the perfect gift for mom, grandmother or girlfriend. Everyone will be happy with such a gift and will only say THANK YOU!

What is the advantage of our microfiber towel?

This towel is very small and light, which is why you can put it in even the smallest handbag and go to the pool with it. It also perfectly attracts all the water and even the smallest hairs. With a microfiber towel, your skin and hair will be dry, and you won’t need much room for a terry towel.

When ordering our towels, you get the most important thing, quality and perfect absorbency!


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