66 days!

This is exactly how long it will take you to fully recoup the cost of the Beaba Babycook Steamer Blender. Surprised? Now let’s count everything.

Especially in order to write this article and back up our words with facts, we carefully studied the prices for canned food in large children’s chains and marketplaces. The prices are impressive — especially the way they have risen in the last month and a half.

Now back to our math. We take a very average baby’s diet during the day:

  • 1 fruit puree
  • 1 vegetable puree
  • 1 meat puree

For this example, we chose jars from different brands. (and with discounts)and this is what happens:
Pear for 70₽ + broccoli for 66₽ + rabbit for 99₽
Total: 235₽ per day is spent on complementary foods.

Please note that we took the uncomplicated «flavors» ourselves — if you choose puree from a more expensive assortment like «Mango / orange / apple» or «Cod with vegetables», naturally, the amount will be higher.

At the same time, the current cost of the Beaba Babycook Solo blender-steamer is 15660₽ (which is also a lot, I agree)
In a simple way, we get: 15660 ₽ / 235₽ = 66 days! In order to recoup the double boiler, you will need a little more than two months.

You can rightly point out that there is no cost to the products themselves in this math. However, babies require such a small amount that it is almost invisible in the daily grocery basket and does not require additional costs.

Plus, a very important emotional aspect — you cook your baby food yourself: fresh, healthy and without unnecessary components in the composition. Which automatically adds plus signs to your mother’s karma!

In addition, Beaba Babycook will serve faithfully for a very long time — this is a competent investment and a chic gift.


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