Now in stores there is a huge selection of protective covers, mattress covers for mattresses that differ from each other in quality, composition and price.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to mattress covers. Camino

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Waterproof mattress covers that perform a water-repellent function, reliably protect the mattress from moisture, stains and other troubles. The protective mattress cover consists of a two-layer moisture-proof fabric Mulitex 1000.

Mulitex 1000 — Two-layer waterproof fabric. The top layer (front side) is made of terry cloth. The bottom layer (wrong side) is a polyurethane membrane.

The material has good elasticity, does not rustle, is not felt under the sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase.

Mulitex 1000 is a strong and durable fabric that can easily withstand more than 150 washes at 90°. Also, the material has a low weight, which gives many advantages — products made from such a fabric: easy to transport; convenient to store; they do not require special care; when washing, little powder, water, electricity are consumed.

Composition of the terry layer: 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Thanks to this combination, the material absorbs less water, but at the same time prevents it from spreading over the surface of the product. Blended yarn lint loops feel smoother and softer than all-natural yarns, making the entire facesheet more pleasant to the touch.

A breathable membrane is attached to the textile layer in a special way — the thinnest water-repellent film. The fastening method is called «lamination» and is produced during the manufacture of the fabric. It is the membrane that gives the Mulitex 1000 material waterproof properties, since it completely blocks the penetration of moisture. Mulitex 1000 fabric is never used in products with the laminated side out due to the fact that the membrane does not tolerate direct loads — friction, pressure, etc.

It’s worth noting that although our moisture-resistant fabric has a terry top layer, it’s not designed for direct, long-term contact with the body. That is, you can’t sleep with only a mattress cover on the bed. A regular sheet should be laid on top. The same applies to moisture-resistant pillowcases and duvet covers — they are used as an additional cover, and textile bedding is put on top.

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