A perfectly sharp knife is the main «weapon» of any cook. But even after professional sharpening, the blade loses its sharpness very quickly. This becomes a real problem when you need to thinly slice vegetables or cheese, butcher a chicken. Sharpening a knife after every use is not an option. Worth buying here musat — a hand tool for straightening and sharpening the blade. Let’s get to know him better.

How does a musat for knives look and work?

Musat — This is a mechanical device for straightening and sharpening knives. It looks like a round, flat or tubular file with a handle. Knife sharpening musat does not damage the metal of the blade, and, accordingly, prolongs its service life.

Use musat There are two ways to sharpen or straighten a knife:

Aweigh. Musat is located at an angle of 20 degrees to the knife. The blade in the “away from you” position is placed on the lower part of the sharpening and is carried out 5-6 times with forward-return movements along the surface of the tool. Then the same algorithm is repeated in the position of the blade «on itself».

With support. Musat is placed on a towel or napkin and tilted at an angle of 20-25 degrees to the table surface. The knife is pressed against the top of the tool by the base and moves down with a simultaneous movement towards itself. That is, at the end point, the tip of the blade adjoins the musat. Then the knife comes off sharpening, the algorithm is repeated 4-5 times for each side.

After use musat be sure to rinse with warm water and place on a special stand or hang it so that it is not damaged during storage.

What musats for sharpening knives are there?

Today you can buy musat for knives three types:

Professional. Such sharpenings have a length of 260-360 mm. They differ in the thickness of the rod, depending on the purpose of the sharpened knives. For example, meat knives point and rule with thin long musat.

Universal. These are sharpeners for sharpening with rods 260-290 mm long. They are inferior in quality to professional ones, but superior to household ones.

Household. These are knife sharpeners with a length of 180-230mm, which are suitable for working with ordinary soft metal kitchen knives.

Tools differ in the shape of the rod, in the abrasiveness of the working surface. When you are going to buy a knife sharpener, be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for its use. They say what tasks a particular model is suitable for.

Also musats for knives differ in the material of manufacture. You can buy sharpeners made of steel, diamond-coated or ceramic-coated. The latter are considered the best for domestic use, and now we will tell you why.

Why buy ceramic musat?

Ceramic musats are highly efficient. They can be used for both sharpening and dressing tools, while steel ones are mainly suitable for dressing. The ceramic coating does not wear off much longer than the diamond one. Another advantage ceramic musatov – the possibility of sharpening and straightening old knives, knives with thin fragile blades, knives made of hard steel grades.

A vivid example of ceramic musat for knives, which will come in handy in every kitchen — MITBAH.

This tool has a number of advantages:

The rubberized handle which provides convenient and safe use of musat.

Solid 24 cm zirconia rod with 1500 grit ceramic coating. It is ideal for regular dressing of kitchen knives.

Stylish design and bright contrasting colors.

If you love to cook, do not miss the opportunity to buy a knife sharpener musat MITBAH. Ugly and poor-quality cuts will no longer spoil your culinary masterpieces, and the process of their preparation will become much easier and more enjoyable.


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