Any girl wants to look attractive, so daily facial care is an integral part of our life. At the same time, you should not neglect the care of the area around the eyes, but the skin in this area is very sensitive and delicate, therefore, it needs special care.

There are several problems that any girl can face, regardless of age:

dry skin under the eyes

flabbiness of the eyelids

skin becomes more sensitive and less elastic

dark circles and puffiness

the appearance of wrinkles, including «crow’s feet» in the corners of the eyes

Of course, there can be many reasons for such imperfections:

malnutrition, lack of vitamins or bad habits

insufficient production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, which maintain skin firmness and elasticity

Lack of fluid in the body

insufficient nutrition of the skin and reduced blood circulation and renewal of the epidermis

Most of the problems of the eye area can be solved by choosing the right care products. The modern beauty industry offers natural cosmetics that contain the necessary acids and vitamins that nourish the skin and saturate it with the necessary elements.

Hyaluronic series from SIBERINA with a peptide complex — an excellent option for the care of the skin of the eyelids and the area under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid — this is an indispensable component for moisturizing, it allows you to effectively cope with dryness and flaking, as well as prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Syn-Hycan Peptide Complex helps the production of hyaluronic acid, it restores skin tone, making it more elastic, and also improves the synthesis of collagen fibers. Collagen is a very important protein for the skin, which forms the basis of connective tissues, it maintains a healthy elastic appearance.

Products with a peptide complex are presented in a convenient compact tube with a vacuum dispenser — it will provide convenient use and tightness (additionally closed with a lid), as well as economical consumption of the product. The volume of the product — 30 ml — will allow you to comfortably use the product during the entire expiration date (3 months after opening).

Anti-aging hyaluronic eye contour cream with a peptide complex against age wrinkles

The cream effectively fights puffiness, relieves fatigue, softens and smoothes the skin, and prevents the formation of dark circles under the eyes.

As part of cornflower extract — a real helper for the skin under the eyes, it relieves irritation and inflammation and has a rejuvenating effect. Extracts of chestnut and ginkgo biloba also reduce swelling and “bruising” under the eyes, increase the elasticity of blood vessels and reduce fine wrinkles.

Due to its light texture, the cream can be used not only in the evening, but also in the morning — it is quickly absorbed and does not allow makeup to roll off.

Anti-aging hyaluronic serum for the skin around the eyes with a peptide complex against age wrinkles

It has a high concentration of active ingredients that smooth wrinkles, make the skin more elastic and toned, and the look more rested.

As part of hydrolat and cornflower extract — they effectively fight the aging process, remove skin inflammation and have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. With regular use, you will get amazing results — fresh, healthy skin without swelling.

Use the serum in the morning and in the evening — apply it with soft «tapping» movements around the eye area, moving from the lower eyelid to the lower one. Apply an eye cream to enhance the effect.

Anti-aging hyaluronic mask for the contour around the eyes with a peptide complex against age wrinkles

Removes the effects of dehydration of the skin — fine wrinkles, dryness and peeling. The mask transforms the skin, making it smoother and prevents the aging process.

In the composition of extracts of cornflower and chestnut, shea butter and argan. Use the mask around the eyes 1-2 times a week. Apply it on the desired areas, leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water using a cotton pad. Follow the regularity of the procedure to consolidate the effect!

By the way, such a mask is a convenient and, moreover, environmentally friendly replacement for fabric and hydrogel eye patches. Nothing slips, no need to lie still, you can apply and immediately go about your business.

Do not neglect special products for this skin around the eyes and choose natural cosmetics to look fresh and attractive and reduce the risk of critical age-related changes in the future!


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