Now we will talk about real pleasure for a couple. In a healthy situation, we have sex with who we want, when we want, and for as long as we want. And most importantly, we love it! Nature, inventing this truly strange and difficult action, rewarded us with the highest pleasure, so that we have sex in the name of evolution and development. Sex begins long before the moment when the couple comes into direct contact. Already in the first two or three seconds of meeting a person decides whether he is able to enter into sexual relations with this particular partner. And the most basic criterion for us is the potential opportunity to enjoy it.

Pleasure also begins at the initial stage — it comes from the contemplation of each other, from the smell, from the sound of the voice. And out of interest in what the partner says. Does he open something new and interesting for you, do you look at him with admiration, do your eyes burn? Then the pleasure of touch begins, of movement — all this prepares us for the final rapprochement, in which you must be honest and open to the manifestation of emotions, because the quality of the process depends on this as well. Only then will it become fascinating for you, full of pleasure from every word, breath, movement. And the dopamine produced at this time will cover you with waves of bliss, provoking you to continue more and more, bringing you to a state of complete shutdown of control and loss of a sense of time and space. In our new store, something appears that will make these sensations go to a whole new level and experience fireworks for yourself.


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