Part 1: Materials

To make a basket we need:

  • knitting yarn,
  • wooden blanks,
  • decorative items and crochet hooks.

1. Knitted yarn

The thickness of the yarn is from 3 mm and can be higher than 9 mm. The thicker the knitting thread, the larger the texture will be in your work from it.

2. Wooden bottoms

In my work, I used wooden bottoms. They are made of very high quality. The bottoms are smooth to the touch and even silky. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

The wooden blanks are ready to use, but they can be varnished or stained to match the shade of the selected yarn.

3. Crochet hooks

The size of the hook is selected depending on the thickness of the yarn. The hook should pass freely through the holes in the bottom.

4. Decorative elements

I used engraved decorative elements to decorate the baskets.


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