If you want to find a new interesting hobby for yourself, try right-brain painting.

After all, everyone can draw, regardless of natural talent and art education. And it’s been proven by science.

The hemispheres of our brain are responsible for their functions. The left is responsible for mathematical calculations, logic. For most adults, it dominates, because in our society it is customary to rely on reason, and not on emotions. The right hemisphere is creative, responsible for the perception of color.

Try to draw a house. As soon as you think about it, the left hemisphere immediately imagines a house in a square (building), a triangle (roof) and a cylinder (pipe). And as a result, instead of a solid image in the figure, you get a set of geometric shapes from which the house is drawn.

But if you turn on the right hemisphere, the drawing will acquire more vivid details. The main thing is not to be afraid to “draw something different”.

What are the benefits of right-brain drawing:

Development of cognitive functions. Drawing improves perception, visual memory and fine motor skills.

The development of the imagination. Drawing with the right hemisphere removes barriers, lets the imagination fly, distracts from the routine and helps to look at things from a different angle.

Increasing self-esteem. Painting is a dialogue of the inner «I» with the world. Drawing, a person reproduces his inner world, and receiving positive feedback on the work, he becomes self-confident.

Relaxation. Right-brain drawing is a great hobby for both adults and children. When the world you created “comes to life” on a white sheet, anxieties and problems disappear.

We have selected the most popular numbers of artistic brushes in sets. They are suitable for school and for preschoolers. Suitable for paper and canvas. Our squirrel, pony and bristle hair brushes are suitable for children’s art studios, art schools, children’s fine art studios, art studios and schools, young Malevichs and professional artists, first graders, for painting by numbers.

Set of 5 pieces Znayka article 113427241.

Composition: pony 1.3, squirrels 3.4 round and bristles 6 flat for glue.

Set of 4 pieces Pony-4 article 113427242. Composition: pony No. 1 thin, 3,4,5.

Choose any and use with pleasure)). Right-brain painting will help you develop creativity, the ability to think in your own way, unconventionally, and find unexpected solutions to life issues.


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