You should be familiar with these words: «Take care of yourself and be kind to others, to yourself, to the planet.» They are like a broken record — the basic settings invested in us in childhood. But think about it: how much do you understand the meaning of these words? Are they more than just text on paper or screen?
Answer the question: do you love yourself?

This is not a question of what kind of purchase you managed to pamper yourself with, what new things to try and what acquaintances to make. Although, of course, all this can cheer up and please. But what about true self-love? What do people mean when they talk about self-love?

Here’s what we think about it: Self-love is more than a pleasant feeling. It is something much deeper than anything you have experienced before. Sometimes this feeling can even cause discomfort. And there is nothing wrong with that. Self-love is about accepting and appreciating whatever qualities you have and allowing yourself to develop at your own pace and direction.


“I have reached the bottom of my self-dislike. Frankly, I even hated myself — my body, everything in myself. Sometimes you need to be at the bottom in order to be able to rebuild yourself later. Now I help awaken in others the power of self-love. By accepting myself for who I am, I help people walk this path of acceptance.”

The Body Shop is committed to inspiring people who, like Charlie, are trying to accept themselves. Self-love begins with inner work, but is not limited to it. Once you feel it, you gain superpower with which you can inspire others.

The moment we accept ourselves, our wounds begin to heal. And if we ourselves are on the rise, then we are able to help others to rise.


In this day and age, loving yourself is more important than ever. Change is constantly shaking the world. We see it in politics, in technology, in environmental changes. We hear it in dialogues about gender identity, racial injustice and equal rights. Not surprisingly, out of this unstable soil, our doubts about ourselves, about our own worth, grow. Looking at all these breaks, positive and negative changes, one cannot help asking the question: what kind of person do I want to be and in what world do I live?

How can we become stronger and form our own views if we do not work from within? Accepting yourself and cultivating self-love is what really matters. We need to determine our own value before we understand how we can contribute to society. The first step is self love. Finding your own «I» will make you stronger and connect you more strongly with the world.


We are taught from childhood that we are “insufficient”: not good enough, not beautiful enough, not educated enough, not smart enough, not strong enough. The bitter truth is that women suffer the most from unfair assessments by family and society. Some of us respond to pressure with the desire to achieve perfection, while others, on the contrary, step back and withdraw into ourselves.

We live under the yoke of unattainable standards without even realizing it. We strive to keep this bar in everything: in work, in relationships, in the family. It is this deformed, refined, completely unrealizable idea of ​​perfection that we want to challenge.

Our world is imperfect, but at the same time, big brands and their marketers are trying to impose on us a sense of their own inferiority, underestimate self-esteem, distort the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bour own beauty. They form a collective sense of self-doubt.

Many of us still believe what they were taught to believe: that they are not good enough on their own. This belief devalues, makes us feel unimportant. But we can choose whether to believe in it or go the other way. Self-love is a superpower that will help you move from self-doubt to love and acceptance.


We believe that self-love is expressed in action. Each of us can make it, whether this act is big or small. Business in this story should play a key role, take on a great responsibility. As Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, said: “It is convenient for business to think that solving social problems is not its task. But this is a delusion.»

We have always challenged societal norms by fighting for human rights and stimulating social activism. Back in 1998, The Body Shop took a course on body positivity by launching an advertising campaign with the Ruby doll. The poster featured a size 50 doll with the caption, “There are 3 billion women in the world who don’t look like supermodels. And only 8 are similar to them. In 2021, we have made it our goal to change societal norms and overcome personal and social challenges.

Our company was founded by a woman, so we are convinced that each of us has the right to be heard, noticed, feel attractive and loved. Know that you are respected and appreciated. Women’s activism has increased in recent years, but we still feel the need for women of all ages, colors and social groups to have a platform to speak up for themselves and their rights.


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