Agree, it is quite difficult to find a stylish thing for a very small person. All stylish baseball caps are made mainly from size 50. The goal of the FIR brand was to solve this problem.

Our hats are one of a kind. The prints were created by a talented illustrator whose goal was to repeat the «children’s» drawing. Indeed, the embroideries turned out to be very kind, one might say — with a childish soul. As if the sketches were drawn by a child. Thanks to their images, many models are universal and will suit both boys and girls.

No adjustable plastic fasteners. A weak hidden elastic band is sewn in the back, which will not leave a mark on your baby’s delicate head.

Baseball cap Baseball cap

What is SnapBack?

The history of SnapBack began in the mid-1990s. A modification of a sports baseball cap was distinguished by a spade-shaped large visor and a more rigid shape.

Don’t let the word «tough» scare you. For our baseball caps, we cut out visor shapes adapted to small heads and covered them with a soft cotton fabric.

Initially, a fashionable headdress gained particular popularity in a musical get-together among rap and rock performers, sports stars, and famous personalities.

The result is that SnapBack has replaced the traditional cap with a long curved visor, leaving its place exclusively as a sports accessory.

What is this story for? To clearly understand that your child, regardless of interests (yours or his), will always look cool! Baseball caps from the FIR brand look perfect with both sporty, cute and stylish dressy clothes.

Enjoy it!


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