Compression clothing is a type of underwear that fits the body very tightly and moderately presses the muscles, which ensures good blood circulation and the muscles do not “cool down”. It is made from special elastic materials. As a rule, it is nylon and elastane. Now such clothes are becoming more and more popular among both professionals and amateurs.

The main types of compression clothing include: rashguards (elastic T-shirts with short / long sleeves), tops, sweaters, compression tights, shorts, high-rise leggings, leggings, socks, golfs, etc. There are also one-piece suits that take into account anatomical features of the body.

As a rule, compression garments are categorized as «unisex», so both men and women can wear the same models.

What are sports compression garments for?

Clothing of this type provides support for the muscles, fixing them in the correct position, strengthening the movements of the athlete, returning and maintaining energy during intense muscle work during active physical exertion.

Special compression knitwear creates pressure on blood vessels and limbs. The degree of compression in different areas is different, which stimulates blood circulation, keeps the veins in good shape and helps the vessels withstand the load. Also, the use of such underwear reduces the load on the heart and facilitates its work during training.

The effect of wearing sports compression clothing

It should be noted that this type of underwear has taken root most of all in fitness. People who are engaged in cyclic and prolonged physical activity feel great in it. For example, leggings for fitness do not hinder movement, reduce or completely remove pain. As a result, it enables athletes to train longer and more efficiently.

In addition, compression clothing:

  • Maximizes the power of movement.
  • Reduces fatigue and helps you recover quickly.
  • Reduces the likelihood of seizures, injury.
  • Retains heat and removes moisture from the body.

Tips for choosing and wearing sports compression clothing

At the moment, there is a wide selection of sports equipment, ranging from simple accessories to complete sets of clothing: rash guards, women’s sports leggings, tights, underwear.

Compression underwear is preferred by many athletes, as it is great for intense workouts. To choose the right and comfortable clothes, you need to follow simple rules:

  1. First, determine what you need such underwear for.
  2. Measure yourself according to the lingerie selection chart.
  3. Determine for which loads the laundry is required.
  4. Don’t be afraid of tight clothes.

Compression underwear should be tight, so you need to be prepared that it will be difficult to put on.

  1. Evaluate the material and quality of knitting.

«Correct» and high-quality linen has no seams in the shin area. At the same time, it has flat seams in the toe area, and there are soft elastic bands on the edges of the products.

If you are an athlete or plan to do fitness, then it is recommended that you definitely try compression underwear and evaluate its benefits.


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