The technological process, as a result of which the research center «SynthezTech» receives biogenic iron Synthesit is a complex set of electrochemical and high-temperature reactions. To develop it, we conducted a huge amount of research and experimentation. As a result, a technology has been created that has no analogues in the world.

Mineral Synthesit reboots the biochemical and energy metabolism of the cells of the whole organism.

Synthesit is a powerful biocatalyst based on iron co-factor.

Synthesit acts as a biocatalyst of intracellular reactions, optimizing the energy of individual cells and the body as a whole. Thanks to the active co-factor based on iron, Synthesit uses internal resources to stimulate the processes of oxygen transport, metabolism and regeneration at the system level.

Increased efficiency of biochemical processes improves well-being and increases physical and mental activity. Synthesit raises the level of protection against oxidative stress associated with aging or disease. Synthesit is suitable for those who seek to realize the maximum natural potential of the body: health, energy, activity. Synthesit helps in the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases, including those associated with disorders of the immune system, the cardiovascular system, and the musculoskeletal system.

Mineral Synthesit is obtained as a result of innovative developments in the field of biology, chemistry and physics.

In nature, this element can be found in microdoses in the vent of the volcano and hot springs.

The effectiveness of Synthesit has been confirmed by numerous studies, including independent tests based on state research and medical institutions. As a result, the main effects of Synthesit were confirmed and revealed: hematopoietic, immunoregulatory, regenerative, anti-aging, normalizing metabolism and others.

Conducted comprehensive studies of the action of Synthesit on laboratory mice. Phenomenal results have been obtained, including an increase in the number of stem cells, the complete absence of side effects and no toxic effects on internal organs. The studies were carried out at the Russian Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology. Reception by people gives an incredible healing effect.

All studies can be found in the public domain on the official website of the manufacturer.

The action of the mineral on the body

Currently, more than 70 favorable changes have been identified that occur with the human body taking Synthesit. Many of them are captured on our YouTube channel, where you can read testimonials and see many examples.

Among the most common effects:

Cancellation effect

Synthesit is a natural and at the same time the most effective component of the biochemical reactions of the cell. This mineral does not use new ways and processes, as painkillers and other drugs can do. Synthesit reduces the energy consumption of processes in the cell. Therefore, discontinuation does not cause a withdrawal effect, however, your body may return to its original state, as before taking Synthesit, and continue to work in the same way. To prolong the effect of Synthesit, we recommend that you regularly repeat the courses of admission.

The time of readaptation of the body after cessation and after the resumption of administration varies depending on individual characteristics.


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