Taping — a method of rejuvenation and healing — simple and affordable!

Taping closes a lot of questions — and not only from the point of view of the aesthetics of the face and body, but also from the point of view of therapy:

  • Reducing pain;
  • Accelerated burning of adipose tissue;
  • Protection against injuries and sprains;
  • Elimination of edema due to the normalization of the movement of lymph;
  • Reducing the severity of cellulite;
  • Increasing endurance with fat burning exercises.

Taping in recent years is often used to quickly lose weight. But don’t expect a quick effect from tapes alone. This method can be combined with any physical activity, abdominal vacuum and various types of massages — then the effect will be amazing.

How do teips work?

The principle of operation of teips is to activate and maintain the body’s ability to heal itself.

Taping is aimed at solving problems that occur at the level of the integumentary system — the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat — and adjacent structures.

The effect of taping depends on the technique: lymphatic, muscular, ligamentous-tendon, fascial. Kinesiology tape slightly lifts the skin, which helps to increase the interstitial microspace and, as a result, normalize microcirculation processes. As a result of improving the transport functions of fluid in tissues, a number of positive effects are observed: pain relief, edema removal, inflammation reduction.

It’s important to know!

Kinesiology taping is a procedure that requires compliance with a number of recommendations and rules. In this case, the effectiveness of each session will be maximum.

  • Before applying the application, it is necessary to test the tapes. Stick a small piece on the skin around your wrist to see how it reacts. In case of severe itching, irritation or other negative effects, it is not recommended to use tapes.
  • The tape should be properly prepared — round off the ends of the tape so that the application adheres better to the skin.
  • It is recommended to stick tapes on clean and dry skin.
  • Do not apply tape to the hair part or remove hair from this area in advance.
  • To activate the application, for a more secure fixation, wipe the surface of the tape after application.
  • It is recommended to observe the terms of wearing teips in order to avoid skin irritation and other unpleasant consequences.
  • After sticking the application, you should wait at least 1 hour before engaging in activities that cause sweating.
  • After applying the tape, swimming pool, active sports training and any water procedures for at least 1 hour are also not recommended.
  • After a shower, the application must be blotted with a towel, do not rub.

You can learn how to apply teips yourself and it is very simple if you follow the basic rules and follow the diagrams.

To do this, I created a FREE telegram channel, which contains videos of more than 50 applications on aesthetic taping for the face and body, applications for pregnant women and rehabilitation taping. You can get access to the channel by purchasing MaLe tapes.

The channel contains not only a course on taping, but also yoga practices, and training lessons on the vacuum of the abdomen.

Taping is a simple, effective, affordable method of natural rejuvenation and healing.


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