Absolutely every owner of a four-legged faced with the problem of wool. For some, wool has become such a habit that if it is on the dining table, it is already perceived as a «special seasoning». But no matter how much we love our pets, the question of hair removal arises in almost all owners. Especially when it comes to inviting someone over. Or when, leaving the «wool lair», you want to look neat. Sometimes, in both cases, the issue with wool needs to be radically resolved in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we will figure out what tools can quickly and reliably remove wool from furniture, carpets, and clothes.

Let’s compare several options:

1. Familiar to all paper roller with tear-off sheets.

A classic loved by many. The model is familiar to use. The block with sheets adheres to the surface and removes everything that has accumulated there. Doesn’t stain or wrinkle clothes. In addition to clothes, it collects dust from other surfaces: curtains, pillows, upholstered furniture.


  • Cleans surfaces well
  • Compact size;
  • Possibility of multiple use.


  • The need to purchase additional blocks;
  • The adhesive layer is not always easily removed;
  • Fragile plastic handle;
  • Limited number of layers.
  • Not good for continuous use.

2. The roller brush is indispensable when buying pet hair removers. The secret of the brush is thousands of micro-bristles that can cope with even the smallest and deeply ingrained hairs. Thanks to the fine bristle design, the adhesive sheets do not need to be torn off or tucked in. Very versatile as it collects wool, dust and hair on any surface: clothes, sofa, furniture, carpets, bedding, car interior. Made from high quality plastic, making it durable yet lightweight. The handle is very comfortable in the hand. It features an easy-to-clean dust container — just open, clean the container and wipe the roller with a damp cloth.


  • Cleans surfaces well
  • Reusable;
  • Durable yet lightweight plastic handle
  • The handle is very comfortable in the hand;
  • Picks up all the hair inside the brush;
  • Easy care of the device;
  • No need to constantly buy replacement rollers.
  • Profitable price.


  • Slightly larger than the roller.


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