There is no bad weather? Many people, going out into the street, do not think about the weather, or even looking out the window and seeing the blue sky, they go outside, not expecting that nature can suddenly “throw” a surprise. The question arises — how to be always 100% ready for any of its turns?

There is a great solution! At the same time we have both style and practicality! A classic black men’s umbrella — an automatic machine in the Market Trade store, with a comfortable non-slip handle, the optimal size, which fits perfectly in the hand. The waterproof material of the dome provides 100% rain protection.

This is a very strong and lightweight umbrella, based on a stainless steel frame of 8 spokes. It is equipped with the Anti-wind system, which protects against breakage in strong winds and will keep the umbrella in perfect condition for many years. The umbrella canopy is large but compact when folded. The 1 meter diameter dome of the umbrella makes it the perfect companion for both singles and couples, guaranteeing reliable rain protection under the dome. This folding umbrella folds and unfolds automatically — at the touch of a button, in 3 folds, folded length 29 cm — making it comfortable to wear and very practical. The umbrella is compact and lightweight (350 grams), fits in almost any bag, backpack or briefcase. Always convenient to take with you, easy to carry and ready for any weather!

Since ancient times, BC, people have used the prototype of the modern umbrella for a variety of purposes:

«Solnechnik» — that’s what the umbrella was called in Russia, got its usual name during the time of Peter I in the 18th century. The word «zondek» was borrowed from the Dutch language (zondek — a canopy from the sun) to refer to a canvas that was stretched over the deck of a ship. By the beginning of the 19th century, the designation of an object for protection from rain and sun was added to the meaning of «canopy». Over time, the word began to be pronounced without “ik”, and the familiar “umbrella” entered our lives. It is believed that the umbrella was invented in the 11th century BC. in several countries with a hot climate at once: in China, Egypt, Assyria, India. Huge heavy structures symbolized power and only royal persons and their entourage could use them. As it spread to other countries of the East, the umbrella was also considered a symbol of power. In India, the retinue carried the umbrellas of their master, and the more influential the ruler was, the more umbrellas he had.

Nowadays, an automatic umbrella with a waterproof dome has become an essential accessory for stylish and successful people, there is a huge selection of colors and models, and the main thing in this choice is not to make a mistake and purchase a really high-quality umbrella, with a reliable mechanism that will not break, will not let you down. the most crucial moment, and will be a reliable companion in any situation. Umbrella machine from the Market-trade store is just the case, the mechanism works flawlessly, like a Swiss watch!

And what is also important, men’s umbrellas are always a great gift for your beloved man, for any holiday, with or without a reason. In this case, the umbrella comes in a cool gift box! Simply order it, and a great gift in your hands! There is an excellent video review with unpacking the umbrella, where you can see it in great detail and make sure that this is exactly what you need!


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