It happens that your ideal new image in fashionable things has already formed in your head, but how to name this or that product from fantasy, the question arises? You are not alone, this is a frequent «pain» of modern man. Let’s go through the most popular destinations now and try to briefly and clearly understand what to look for and how to get what you want faster.


Longsleeve — this is T-shirt with long sleeves. By the way, insanely comfortable thing all year round. There are different silhouettes: adjacent, semi-adjacent, free (oversized) the most fashionable at the present time. Most often it is made from fairly thin knitwear (kulular surface). But the quality of the material can vary greatly, which is reflected in the price.


Hoodie — this is hoodie. Hood from English — hood, which is easy to remember. Classic hoodies are usually with pockets on the stomach, they are also called «kangaroo», but sometimes without pockets. Modern hoodies are simplified and become a must-have basic item. There are many different options for material density and construction. Knitwear with and without fleece, 3 thread, 2 thread, satin stitch. The thing will be used often, so choosing a product made of good material you will forget about the price, and comfort will delight you every sock. Choose quality knitwear PENIE and COMPACT-PENIE. Elongated fibers will help to avoid the formation of pellets, the product looks expensive and retains its appearance for a long time. The best decision when choosing a hoodie is to read the description and order a fitting.


But a hoodie with a zipper is an Olympian.

Sweatshirt — a sweatshirt without a hood, usually without a pocket and with a round neck. Everything is simple. It’s usually the base thing. Like hoodies, they come with and without fleece, of different quality of material and different density.


Sweatshirt — this is a general name for hoodies, sweatshirts, olympics.

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Happy shopping!


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