The modern market offers a wide range of massage suits. There are many options to choose from: expensive and cheap products, white and color models, thin and thick suits. Experts advise paying close attention to the density of the product. Modern products go on sale in cases. The texture is particularly soft. It’s pretty hard to break it.

• Models of suits in 40 den are not in special demand. The reason is easy to explain. The density index is only 40 den. There is a possibility of spreading of the material when the product is first put on and a short service life.

• Models with a density of 80 den provide a service life of 20-30 sessions.

• 120 denier suits are available in a wide variety of colors. White and black models, gray and raspberry products are on sale. These suits are designed for 50 procedures. Washing in a washing machine at 30 degrees is allowed, which allows you to maintain hygiene during each procedure. We wish you pleasant and effective procedures, we hope that our article helped you make the right choice of suit for LPG massage!


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