Shungite is an amazing stone, 90% composed of carbon. There are several theories about the origin of shungite, the most popular are bottom sediments and extraterrestrial origin, i.e. falling shungite meteorite. The entire planetary reserve of shungite is concentrated in Karelia. This mineral is almost never mined anywhere else.

The healing properties of the stone have been known since the 16th century, when Xenia Romanova was treated for infertility in the Tolvui Monastery and then gave birth to the heir to the throne, Mikhail Fedorovich. The stone got its name from the village of Shunga, where the mineral is mined. And wide popularity came to the stone in the nineties.

The stone is famous as a water purifier from harmful impurities and rooms from harmful energies. At least 3 Nobel Prizes have been received for researching the properties of shungite. But since the Bear Stone bracelet is inappropriate to use for cleaning water, then

we will dwell in detail on the properties of Shungite not related to water:

° The mineral absorbs electromagnetic radiation from gadgets, TVs and PCs, that is, it is necessary for a city dweller.

° A shungite bracelet will help you concentrate when looking for answers.

° Unfaithful person Shugit supports. But wearing it for a long time is not worth it.

° Shungite will help you become emotionally more stable, get out of depression.

° The value of a stone is determined by its shape. The mission of the ball is to harmonize interpersonal relations, to attract the attention of the opposite sex. To do this, wear a bracelet when you are going on a date or constantly for improvements on the love front.

° The cause of prolonged irritation, fatigue and anxiety of a person can often be the pathogenic zone where he lives. Experts believe that to improve the condition, it is enough just to put a shungite pyramid in the room, and it will cease to be a risk zone. Or wear a bracelet made of a miracle mineral.

One of these bracelets is Leviathan from our brand. The bracelet is named after the absolutely black Old Testament sea serpent, which impresses with its gigantic size. Over time, the word Leviathan acquired the meaning of anything in general, huge, surprising in size. The shungite beads of our bracelet are larger than the standard ones, so it deserves this formidable name.

Thus, the owner of the Leviathan bracelet will be able to:

1. deal with complex cases better,

2. achieve what you want faster,

3. stay energized when others are exhausted and

4. Achieve better results with the opposite sex

It would not be superfluous to add that the bracelet is universal for different types of clothing and will suit everyday and business style. Shungite itself is ideally combined with products made of Volcanic lava (see Article: 19339494) and Hematite (see Article: 19327293)

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