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Anna Kulik, professional buyer with many years of experience. Graduate of the MBA program at Moscow State University. Lomonosov in the fashion industry. Co-founder of the international trading company NEW VISION. Creator of the ILWA brand and the women’s club of the same name.

So, what is the most beautiful and comfortable lingerie? What to choose??

According to a consumer survey in March 2021, 82% of women believe that the most comfortable underwear is made from organic cotton, followed by breathable mesh.

Cotton underwear is comfortable and soft, but there are also disadvantages, for example, you can experience discomfort from the fact that the contours of places where a woman has sweated are clearly visible on the underwear, this is not very pleasant, especially if it is a date or a romantic trip.

Let’s look at the second option: Lightweight and comfortable mesh underwear.

Here are some of the advantages of mesh kits:
• The skin breathes, as if without linen at all;
• The set looks very sexy on the body;
• Linen dries instantly;
• Gusset (panty insert between legs) made of cotton;
• The set of linen is not noticeable under clothes;
• Nipples are not visible under the T-shirt;
• And of course, mesh underwear is a trend! It is fashionable, sexy and comfortable.

Based on the results of the analytics, I can recommend the brand’s underwear set ILWA article 33412907 on Wildberries.

Girls, take care of your breasts. Do not torture yourself with stuffy voluminous bras. You are beautiful and your breasts are beautiful just the way they are, please your body with a soft breathable set of women’s underwear.

With love for yourself and your body, create an atmosphere of beauty and comfort.

ILWA — In Love With Ambience


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