A long road in a car tires everyone. Such trips can be very exhausting and boring. To our regret, after such a long journey by car, many are not only very tired physically, but also morally simply devastated. Some people may experience depression after such trips. But in fact, each of us can completely avoid such physical difficulties, and with it the strongest psychological overload.
A bone-shaped pillow filled with buckwheat husk petals is an indispensable thing on a long trip! It is designed to support the neck and head of the driver or passenger. It is necessary for frequent and long trips, as its use is a preventive measure against osteochondrosis of the cervical spine and other neck diseases. In addition, the “Bone” pillow with buckwheat helps to relax tense neck muscles, avoid aching pains in the neck and headaches, and reduces the negative impact on the cervical vertebrae of sudden braking, jerking and vibration of the car.
The pillow is made of wear-resistant materials, is attached to the head of the car seat with adjustable straps, and is securely held on the chair. The filler of the bone pillow is buckwheat husk, which has the properties of thermoregulation (does not heat up in the heat) and breathability (the husk is crumbly, passes air between the grains), these properties provide comfort to the driver or passenger in hot weather.
Pillow «Bone» is a useful and practical gift for a car enthusiast, it will help to maintain health, providing the necessary prevention of diseases of the neck and collar zone, and will give additional comfort while traveling.
When going on a long journey in your car, it is important not only to check its serviceability, collect the things you need on the road, but also create the right mood for yourself. Only a vigorous, well-rested, well-fed and cheerful driver is able to overcome a long distance without any problems.


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