The mvmed oral irrigator is a device for oral hygiene. The mechanism of action of the irrigator is the pulsation of water, due to the pressure of which plaque and other contaminants are removed, including in the interdental spaces.

Studies have shown that the daily use of an irrigator is an effective prevention against caries and other dental diseases.

The set of the device includes two nozzles with the ability to move 360 ​​degrees and the ability to fix in one position. There are three modes of water pressure regulation: strong, soft, pulsating. A 2000 microampere battery will allow you to use the irrigator without recharging 2 times a day for up to 60 days.

The battery of the device is initially charged at 15%, so it should be charged before the first use, the full charge time is 8 hours. In the future, the irrigator charges faster, about 5 hours.

The reservoir holds 230 ml of liquid, which is poured through a convenient, airtight opening on the back of the reservoir.

Who should use the mvmed oral irrigator?

According to the recommendations of dentists, the use of an irrigator is necessary for people who have braces, dentures, crowns, implants, since it is impossible to effectively remove dirt from all hard-to-reach places with a regular toothbrush or dental floss, which subsequently, in the most harmless scenario, can create bad breath and others. Also, the irrigator is indicated for people who care about the health of their teeth, in order to prevent diseases of the oral cavity. The use of the irrigator by children over 7 years old is permissible on the weakest mode.

How does the mvmed oral irrigator work?

Detailed instructions in Russian for using the irrigator are included in each device kit.

What are the benefits of the mvmed oral irrigator?

  • The ergonomic design neatly conceals a large 230 ml water tank, which is the maximum for this type of irrigator.
  • Nozzles from other companies are suitable for this type of irrigator. You need to select nozzles that correspond to the inlet of the device.
  • Small, compact, fits perfectly into the interior of the bathroom.
  • Convenient to take on the road.
  • The irrigator works from the accumulator, is charged from a network. Any device with a USB output is suitable for recharging, which in turn does not increase the cost of the device. Why pay for extra accessories?
  • The best value for money according to customer reviews.
  • The maximum pulsation in powerful mode is up to 1650 per minute.
  • The power of the irrigator ranges from 240-720 kPa.
  • Warranty 12 months.

You can also purchase additional nozzles that are suitable for this model.

How to care for the mvmed irrigator after use?

The liquid reservoir is easily completely separated from the main body. To maintain it in a technically sound condition and cleanliness, it is enough to rinse it with running water once every two days, without disconnecting it.

It is forbidden to submerge the irrigator in water!

It is not recommended to use additional liquids for the treatment of teeth, except for water, because. they can be corrosive.

The mvmed irrigator is the best assistant for oral care!


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