Fly agaric (Amanita Muscaria) — mushroom, depending on the dosage, has therapeutic or psychedelic effects. It has been used for centuries in many cultures as a medicine, stimulant, or entheogen. When using 1-2 grams of dried fly agaric per day, you can significantly improve the quality and way of thinking, feel a deep sense of inner clarity, reality is perceived as more harmonious and perfect.

Fly agaric gives a person enthusiasm, a surge of strength and a desire to act, a sense of calm, happiness and creative upsurge. Strengthens immunity.

The peoples of the north considered the fly agaric to be a universal remedy and ate this mushroom, for example, to have fun celebrating a wedding, fearlessly go to war, communicate with spirits, or improve their health.

What is microdosing?

This is the regular use of dried fly agaric in an ultra-low dosage. Microdosing has a healing power, providing not only a psychotherapeutic effect, but also a general beneficial physiological effect on the entire body. To date, processed fly agaric is becoming increasingly popular as an additive in the form of whole hats, powder, capsules in the daily human diet in microdoses..

The effect of microdosing:

How to choose a quality microdosing?

For high-quality microdosing, fly agaric (red, panther) caps collected in ecologically clean forests should be used. The drying process is very important, the temperature should be + 35-40 degrees. In the manufacture of powder and capsules, fly agaric must be professionally cleaned on special equipment from sand and forest debris, undergo clinical trials and have a declaration of conformity. Our company Altai ECO strictly adheres to all the rules of high-quality microdosing, has a declaration of conformity!

Mode of application:

There are several ways to take fly agaric, we recommend taking fly agaric in powder form or capsules for finer control of microdosing. Brew the powder with hot water, the water temperature is not higher than 70 degrees. You can also simply stir in warm tea, coffee, any other drink, add sugar, honey, and other ingredients if you wish. Waiting time for brewing is not required. The dosage is selected individually and gradually. It is necessary to start with 0.5g and increase if necessary up to 3g per day. In proportion, 150 ml of liquid is enough for 1-3 grams of powder.


Individual intolerance



Altai ECO Company

Our company is a supplier and manufacturer of fly agaric microdosing. We live in Altai and collect fly agarics in the ecologically clean forests of the Altai Territory, and as you know, Altai fly agarics are famous for their strength! Products are manufactured on professional equipment in compliance with all norms and rules of San.Pin. we care about your health!

We wish you good health and good mood!


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