Quest game «Tour for two» is a scratch poster with tasks for lovers. 💕 Thanks to the tasks, you will not think about how to spend a bright weekend and fill your life with new experiences! ✨ You will diversify your relationships, spend more time together and get even closer!

⠀A few numbers🔢There are 80 scratched elements on the poster. 60 of them with tasks, and 20 with blitz questions.1. You erase any scratch layer; 2. Find in the Guide (worksheet with tasks) the task corresponding to the picture; 3. Do it together!⠀Assignments range from cute and simple to passionate or requiring preparation. 😇😈Something you can do at home, and somewhere you have to go somewhere within your city. ⠀All tasks are designed so that you can complete them in any city. The main thing you need is the desire to have a great time!⠀⠀Tasks are tied to different countries, completing them you join the culture of these countries and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a joint journey!🏝🗽🏕🛩🧳


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