Playing with your eyes closed is real! And very interesting. Have you already figured out what the sea can hide? Oh, there are so many wonders! At the bottom there may be a royal crown, an old amphora, or a button from a pirate camisole. The wreckage of a sunken ship, an old shoe or a fancy hourglass. Put on a mask and dive, immerse yourself in the game process!

The game is suitable for children from 5 years old, but adults will surely like it too — the process is very fun and entertaining.

Board game set

Inside the box you will find 36 cards, 32 stencils, 4 tokens, 1 die, 1 game board and 1 mask

In the instructions you will see the rules for three games. The first one is called «Sharp Eye». I wish there was a spyglass here and on the captain’s bridge! However, you can play at home on a cozy sofa. To play, you need to lay out the cards with the image of the seabed so that the drawings and hidden treasures are visible to all participants. The host (who is also a generous owner and distributor of treasures) takes out any item from the box and shows it to the players. Whoever finds this item among the seaweed on the cards faster, he takes it for himself. The game continues until the last item is played. The player who has collected the most items wins.

Treasures to be found

Treasure cards to find

For the second game You need the mask that comes with the game. It can be played in two ways. In both cases, we put on a mask: it becomes dark dark, nothing is visible.

In the first method, you need to lay out all the cards on the table with their silhouettes up. The player covers their eyes with a mask and randomly takes any item from the box. The task is to determine by touch what kind of treasure he managed to get from the bottom of the sea. If it was possible to guess, then the brave navigator takes for himself an honestly guessed object and a card corresponding to it in silhouette.

The second method differs in that players are given 3-5 cards in advance for each turn. We carefully examine the silhouettes on the maps, close our eyes with a mask and go into the abyss of the sea — that is, into the box — to look for one of the items we need. The game ends when one of the participants is the first to collect all the items of their task.

Mask, items and cards
Mask, items and cards
Cards from the game
Cards from the game «What the sea hides»

The third game is called «Sunken Treasures», it needs a tablet, cards, chips and dice. Players take turns throwing a die and stepping chips across the field, simulating diving and lifting from a depth. By the way, when ascending, you must follow the rules and regulate the ascent rate — everything is like in real life! Only here the ascent rate is regulated by the number of points rolled on the die. If you’re unlucky, you skip a turn. At the end of the game, we count the cards or the value of the extracted treasures.

Sunken Treasure Game Board

Playing field from «Sunken Treasures»

To make the game even more interesting, it can be role-played. We come up with a legend about the rescue of a sunken ship and then tell it in person and add details. Believe me — there will be no end to the listeners!


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