Not everyone is familiar with such amazing mascara textures as moisture-resistant mascaras (thermal mascaras). But they are unique in their properties. Let’s figure it out. There are three mascara textures in total, here they are:

  1. classic mascara the most familiar to us. She is it is washed off with micellar water, eye makeup remover or, if you try, even plain water. When in contact with water, it spreads and flows. Classic mascara is suitable for people with open eyelids and non-oily skin around the eyes. Disadvantages of the classics — not resistant, flows from rain, water and tears. Sometimes during the day it smears or leaves marks under the eyes, and when washed off with water, it forms circles under the eyes («panda effect»). Of the benefits — the most affordable in stores, it is easy to apply to eyelashes, can be used in several layers, creating a good volume.
  2. Waterproof mascarathe most durable of all. She is it is washed off only with a special eye makeup remover with oil. It is suitable for important events such as a wedding, ideal for athletes (including swimmers), as well as for girls who often rub their eyes. Cons — it can be hard to feel on the eyes and cause discomfort in daily makeup due to heaviness and dry texture, it is more difficult to apply. Often it does not feel pleasant on the eyes, as if it lacks lightness. If you need to look spectacular in the water or play it safe at super-important events, then waterproof mascara is the only option.
  3. Thermal mascara (or waterproof mascara) — it’s something between classic and waterproof. Has a unique texture. It is washed off with warm water, that is, you do not need a makeup remover. At the same time, when removing the mascara, it comes off like «stockings» from each eyelash, leaving no dark circles under the eyes. These mascaras are generally hypoallergenic and often suitable for contact lens wearers without causing irritation (because they don’t crumble!). Moisture-resistant mascara has a plastic texture that is easy to apply. In daily makeup with such mascara it is convenient — you can rub your eyes, even cry, and they do not crumble by the end of the day. Cons — may require double or triple application of mascara to create the desired volume.

If suddenly you suddenly decide to swim with makeup in the summer, it is better to wash off the classic mascara immediately so that it does not spoil your face with dark circles. But with moisture resistant, you can even take a dip and stay with eye makeup!

Makeup artists most often use classic mascara when shooting, waterproof — at major events such as weddings, anniversaries. And thermal mascara is recommended at makeup master classes for its versatility, durability and ease of application.

Waterproof mascara is ideal for travelers. Just imagine, nothing flows or smears under your eyes, you don’t need additional make-up removers and cotton pads — you can get by with just warm water. Decided to sleep with makeup on the road? Moisture-resistant mascara will last much better than classic mascara.

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