Thermowood is becoming more and more popular in the Russian construction market. This is due to the increased requirements for the quality and durability of materials. Buyers have become more attentive to the construction and decoration of the house, because this is an investment for decades. We tell you why a terrace made of thermowood will last 4 times longer than ordinary wood.

What is the peculiarity of the terrace coating

Of course, in a country house there is a terrace made of natural wood, on which it is comfortable to walk barefoot. But here lies the catch: if you use ordinary terrace boards, you will have to annually treat them with fire protection and varnish. In addition, outdoor areas are exposed to precipitation, temperature changes and bright sunlight. The board expands in wet weather and shrinks in heat. As a result, the tree is deformed, cracks and distortions appear. Natural boards must be treated annually with a protective solution from all sides, otherwise the wood will quickly lose its appearance, become gray and begin to mold. The use of thermal wood helps to avoid all these problems.

What is this material?

Unlike classical drying, to create thermal wood, the wood is baked in a special oven at a temperature of about 185 degrees. The result is a durable board that is many times better and stronger than conventional sawn timber. In conventional carpentry, pine is difficult to use due to its high resin content. It is ideal for heat treatment:

📌 this is the most common material with which there are no interruptions;

📌 pine has an original stem pattern, which appears on the canvas due to heat treatment;

📌 during thermal baking, almost 90% of the resin and moisture is evaporated from the pine, and the rest crystallizes inside. The result is a rich honey-colored tree;

📌 heat treatment allows you to increase the life of wood, pine retains a beautiful texture and bright color for decades even in the open air.

Why heat treat wood?

Due to the treatment with high temperatures, the physical properties of wood change, the board almost completely loses moisture and resin. The changes affect only the outer side of the board, the molecular structure remains the same. Why is this needed? The heat treatment process reduces all deformation processes to «0», the wood seems to be sealed, and it is not afraid of precipitation and sunlight. Despite all the advantages, the surface of the thermopine gradually brightens under the influence of direct UV rays and acquires a vintage shade, popular on Mediterranean patios . You can leave the wood as it is, or oil it on top every few years if you prefer the golden shade of the terrace.

The natural honey color of the wood blends in harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

Features of the AUSWALD thermoboard

Indeed, the thermal board is almost an ideal material for open spaces. But each barrel of honey has its own fly in the ointment — these are the conditions of production and installation. Sometimes in the reviews you can read that the thermal board is a fragile material. Actually it is not! This means that production technologies were violated. AUSWALD has improved Finnish technologies in order to completely eliminate the marriage. The production is located in the Urals, the wood is immediately delivered to the plant, it does not need to be transported and subjected to additional exposure. The company has its own sawmill, thanks to which only high-quality material gets into the heat treatment. Pine goes through a phased processing process: stepped heating, drying, slow and fast exposure to high temperatures. This allows you to significantly improve the initial building qualities of the material. Thanks to the author’s AUSWALD technology, the wood acquires a rich color and a dense, stable structure. The vagaries of nature do not affect the condition of the thermal wood, it is difficult to scratch or damage it. And the service life is increased several times.

This is what a thermocut looks like. Color sealed inside wood

Objective advantages of AUSWALD thermowood over conventional wood

The advantages of using a thermopine include the following points:

📌 the material does not require complex maintenance, it is enough to treat with oil once every few years;

📌 the thermal board does not absorb moisture, does not rot and is afraid of mold;

📌 wood does not deform and retains stable dimensions;

📌 due to heat treatment, fungus and harmful microflora are not formed in the material. Thermowood is suitable for allergy sufferers and families with small children. And thanks to a perfectly smooth surface, you can walk barefoot on the floor without fear of getting a splinter;

📌 thermopine is resistant to pests. Mice, bark beetles and other insects cannot harm the material;

📌 the texture of natural wood looks exclusive;

📌 service life is more than 30 years. Yes, a thermal board is more expensive than a regular one, but these are not expenses, but investments. This is an investment in a longer life of natural wood, positive emotions from use and a feeling of home comfort. A thermal board terrace will serve for decades without requiring regular maintenance or replacement. To install an AUSWALD thermo pine terrace, logs from the same wood are used, this avoids internal mold and decay under the floor. The company produces clips for fastening boards in its own production. The screws go through the clips and do not penetrate the board. Thus, crack vectors do not occur, as is often the case with incorrect installation.


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