Twilly is a multifunctional accessory, a narrow silk ribbon measuring 100 * 6.5 cm with edges cut at an acute angle, which can turn any bow into a sophisticated and stylish one. This new trendy piece of clothing can make your looks unique every day. It only takes one silk ribbon and our instructions on how to wear twill. And there are many options, and each of them is a separate detail and a new look at fashion.

The word itself comes from the English twill, which refers to a special way of weaving threads in fabric. Silk ribbon creates an additional accent in the image: a bracelet, a tie, a belt, a decoration for a bag — the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Handkerchief on a bag

A bright detail that will be appropriate even in a work dress code.

Ribbon for a hat

Perfect! Under each look, you can tie a special twill, emphasizing color combinations and emphasizing the mood.

hair accessory

Tie a ponytail or a bump, use it as a headband with loose hair — twill will decorate any hairstyle. The perfect solution for summer walks and parties.

Neck scarf

A romantic and feminine detail will emphasize the collarbone and décolleté. Allow yourself sophistication and charm.

Headband or bracelet

A thin flying narrow twill scarf is a fashionable novelty in your wardrobe. Tie a twill on your wrist with a beautiful bow and you will be surprised how your image will be transformed in an instant.

Create your own unique look with BRIARI silk twill ribbon. A long silk ribbon with a unique pattern will create an additional accent in your image.

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